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Friday , May 24 2024

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Top CRM Tool Review: SugarCRM

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Sugar CRM is a core Relationship Management Tool that is considered as top crm tool for small medium business to manage their customers. The most promising part of this tool is, it offers a clear understanding of the annual business activities. The user-friendly experience of the customers makes it highly preferable for its customers. The tool offers features including customizable home page, new user tool, shortcut bar, downloadable plug-ins, and enhanced-view global search functions.

Editions and Pricing


Sugar Professional

Sugar Enterprise

Sugar Ultimate


$40 per user/month

15 GB storage

$65 per user/month

60 GB Storage

$150 per user/ month

250 GB Storage


Features Highlights

  • Marketing Lead Management
  • Automated support
  • Call center automation
  • Cloud-based application
  • Advanced workflow
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Sharable Dashboards
  • Drill Through Charts


Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Sales Pipeline Chart

The sales pipeline chart shows the annual sales of the company. The parameters on which these are developed are prospects, qualifications, value proposition, decision-makers, perception analysis, and price quote.  



Opportunities by Lead Source

SugarCRM allows you to get a clear view of all the opportunities by lead sources. These include areas such as portal user registration, email, word of mouth, web site, trade show, conference, public relations, partner, and employees. All this information can be seen in a graphical format and is based on the information collected from a number of sources or the data collected over the internet.   


Managing Contacts

One of the primary applications of the CRM application is contact management. The tool, SugarCRM, helps you keep a list of all the people. The details included are name, title, and account name. The tool also provides a set of filters to search and resurface desired contacts.


Sale is an important part of the business and its updates are valuable information for business propagation. SugarCRM gives a clear insight into the sales that the company has experienced over the past. The tool has special filters that help the users select the time period for which you need to see the sales. The information is general in a graphical format which makes it easy to understand.   

Managing Calls

Sugar CRM can help you keep a track of the calls that occurred over the recent past. You can even add details about the calls. These include details such as Subject, Related to, Start Date, and End Date. Time duration can also be recorded in this tool. The user also gets a set of filters that can be used to get a clear list of calls.     


  • Get Started Video
  • Knowledge Base
  • Documentation
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Community
  • Support Portal

Mobile Accessibility

The application can be accessed and used on different platforms such as laptops, tablets, Android, and iOS platforms.

Market Competitors    

  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Less Annoying CRM

External Integrations

  • Microsoft Office
  • Sage
  • QuickBooks
  • Cisco WebEx

Pros and Cons


  • Finding technical information is easy.
  • SQL based reporting gives accurate and valuable information about business performance.
  • Extremely customizable.


  • Best suitable for companies that have in house technical teams.
  • The interface is not clean and is outdated.
  • Not good for small business owners
  • Development resources are available with regular updates and a community culture keeping all on the same page.
  • Built-in e-commerce

For more details, please visit the SugarCRM website.

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