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Friday , April 19 2024

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Social Powered CRM

Social-Powered-CRMAn effective, efficient, engaging and easy-to-use CRM system can play an important part in building growth and success story of a small and medium sized business offering more than a Customer relationship Management System.

The best CRM system often consolidates customer data and relevant activities to customer engagement keeping a track of tasks setting reminders to accomplish the same. The process of the CRM tool becomes easier once these are socially powered.

Top CRM tools such as Zoho CRM, Insightly, Nimble, etc uses social features to collaborate and connect with teammates, partners and clients in real time. These features help you to serve your social customer in a better way, engage in the customer conversations and discuss issues without leaving your CRM account. Zoho CRM conveniently connects you to people on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook easily converting them into future business prospects.

These tools bring Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account right inside your CRM tool easily connecting you with the salesperson building better customer relationship. These features take your online marketing campaign to the social channels, allowing you to post links, images, quotes as well as status messages. Every post can be monitored in terms of retweets, likes, views and comments helping you better understand your audience.

Advanced CRM tools now also allow you to schedule and automate your social campaigns well in advance. You can decide when your campaign should begin and end saving your time automating routine posts.

Insightly is another socially powered CRM tool that uses an email id to connect and search for social accounts of a person online connecting you powerfully to the person. The tool does not require an additional feature or supporting tool for this feature. Each of the contact’s email address in Insightly will have its own section listed under social profiles in the About subtab, here social profiles can be easily accessed of the relevant person. The CRM tools provide appropriate icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, FourSquare, Picasa, Klout or virtually any social account associated with the email address.

Nimble Software is also one of the top CRM tool used by many organizations. Not only it plays a vital role in Customer relationship building, but also empowers it by connecting people on social networks. It has capabilities to powerfully pull contact information and social profiles from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, phones, emails and many more.

The advanced CRM tools now have rich contact management features having records of contacts with details allowing people to gain insights about the people in your contact.

These CRM tools allow powerful customer relationship Management integrating with email, Google Apps, Office 365 and more. These social powers lets you connect people over projects and documents by sending messages or directly start conversations over a document and even share documents and add and remove collaborators.

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