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Sunday , July 14 2024

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The Best Mobile Apps for CRM

The-best-mobile-apps-for-CRMCRM (customer relationship management) is vital for businesses to retain customers and to sustain in the competitive market. What would be a greater option than the mobility of CRM tools? Yes, one can use CRM right through his or her smartphones that helps to build relationship with the customers more efficiently.

Here are the best mobile apps for CRM:

Product Details
CRM_Base CRM It is one amongst the best sales tracking app, it helps users streamline contacts and sales into an easy mobile workflow. There are native apps available for all the mobile platforms. The free apps help manage leads, contacts, sales and log calls. The data entered or modified in the mobile app gets instantly synced with the Base CRM web app.
insightly Insightly is used to add tasks, view contact details, log calls, or reach on the status of a project. The app is supported by almost all the tablets including iPad as well as smartphones such as iPhone, Androids, BlackBerry and Windows phones.
CRM-Nimble  The great thing about Nimble CRM is that it can easily pull contact information from several platforms. Once done, it helps to create more personalized and dynamic profiles. The freely available iOS app allows creating rich, dynamic profiles that can be easily searched.
CRM-sugarcrm Sugar CRM works almost the same as other native app on the phone and even offers software customization. The app enables the sharing of any type of external data, including videos or social media content.
 A local database is created when you log on to your account via mobile for the first time and everything (contacts, task list, activities etc.) is synchronized. The supported platform for Capsule CRM are Android, iOS and BlackBerry.
Infusionsoft can incorporate into the CRM in order to send/receive text messages, receive feedback via SMS, build optimized page campaigns, discover what people care about, or simply connect with iPad, Androids and other tablets..

Zoho CRM has many, but not all of the same features as the desktop version. Users can access Contacts, Accounts, Potentials, Leads, Tasks, Events and many other modules. For all, one can view, edit, create or delete records. What users cannot access is Campaigns, Reports, Documents or Invoices.
Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review- Salesforce

Salesforce has all the same features as the desktop version, including custom apps. The app is a feature-loaded CRM, so it is very surprising to see the mobile app have almost all the same functionality. Both the iOS and Android version have mostly good reviews.
CRM_ms-dynamics-crm Users can access their accounts, contacts, leads and more, but the interface is very basic. Some of the things it is missing are the Bing Maps integration, reporting and calendars.Microsoft Dynamics CRM runs better on the Windows phone platform.
CRM_Salesnexus The best thing about Salesnexus is that as soon as you sign in, the app recognizes your mobile device and optimizes itself according to the model. Users can manage their customer’s information using iPhones, Android phones, Blackberries, iPad and other tablets


Most of the app offer web- hosting also, so it is easier to choose one on the basis of user’s interests. Interacting with the customers via mobile gives a better business experience and there are opportunities of growth as well.

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