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Friday , May 24 2024

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The Best Mobile Apps for Emails


Dealing with email via a desktop is something every one of us hate. This is also one of the most important as well as time consuming task. Catering to this, many mobile apps are now entering into the market making the process of email just a game of few taps on your own mobile devices. Some of the best mobile email applications available in the market are:


Product Details
 Email-Tools-Product-review- MS Outlook Microsoft Outlook helps you focus on what’s important providing a clear view of the emails, calendars and contacts. The app makes communication more effective and efficient having capabilities to write replies right in the reading pane.
 Email-Tools-Product-review- Gmail
Gmail is the most popular and widely used email application used by almost every one of us. The Gmail is the email service that is intuitive, efficient and useful. With 15 GB of storage to every account it provides less spam and convenient mobile access. Labels, stars and custom colors lets you neatly organize threads and manage things better.
growth-hacking-mailchimp A complete email marketing solution allowing users efficient email tracking, transparency of campaigns, view success and click through rates, generate custom reports and manage subscriptions.Mailchimp lets you create custom templates and at the same time choose from an array of premade designs and campaigns.
Email Tool_ Freshmail Freshmail is an easy-to-use application providing all necessary tools needed to launch an email marketing campaign without any coding skill. The app lets you create, follow and send a number of different types of marketing campaigns in addition to email such as text messages, API based, URL-based, optimized by weekday, periodic, A/B tests or schedule.
Email Tool _Email It Email It app helps thousands of businesses grow with email marketing. The app lets you create custom fields for mail-merge personalization and generate a sign-up form to place on your website or Facebook pages
Email TooI_Imapctia Imapctia allows you to create unlimited number of targeted campaigns to suit your audience. For example an email from the Executive team will show company accomplishments and latest feed.
Email Tool_ Mandrill Mandrill is a secure, reliable and scalable delivery API for transactional emails from websites and applications. Specifically designed for application developers, rather than email marketers, the app uses API and SMTP server optimized for delivering email as fast as possible.
Email Tool_MailUp Mailup helps you automate email and SMS marketing campaigns with the capability to send millions of emails a month with no limits. You can compare and analyze different email variations with A/B testing. Emails can also be sent from web applications, an e-commerce store or from your own web browser using SMTP+
Email Tool_iconnect iConnect is an easy to use emailing service right in your smartphone. It allows easy creation of emails, newsletters, RSS feeds, Autoresponders, and surveys. The easy to use editor lets you create messages and emails quickly. It also lets you choose from hundreds of pre designed templates from a library of image hosting
Email Tool_cakemail CakeMail- An email marketing application that simplifies the way you engage with your customers or with peers, allowing you to manage contacts, create personalized email campaigns, and flexibly choose from the pre-defined set of templates.


These supreme and highly flexible email applications lets you quickly connect to your business, sending and receiving emails, responding, managing contacts and many other tasks are made hassle free using these highly advanced tools.

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