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Monday , June 24 2024

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Online HR management tool Product Review- Teambay

hr-tools-product-review-teambayIn the contemporary business methodology, ergonomics holds an imperative part, and the direct congruency of employee satisfaction with the success rate of an organization has put it on the top of the list of HR tasks. But how do you ensure usual hassle free monitoring of the contentment level of your employees? How do you obtain consistent and honest feedback? To get all this, Teambay comes to your rescue.

Teambay is a fully online HR management tool that lets you build a proficient work culture at your enterprise. It helps in carrying out feedback surveys, putting up simple yet efficient employee questionnaires and letting you analyze the statistics of your company against those you are competing.

Teambay stresses on anonymity and warrants a safe and secure platform for your workforce to provide sincere and candid opinions. Feedback improves the employee engagement, keeps them happy and augments into flourishing of the company’s endeavors. A company’s triumph is through its employees, and it is Teambay’s job to bridge the gap between the management and the staff.

Editions and Pricing

In addition to being available for free for one month, Teambay provides four different packages based on the size of your company.

€ 119/month

Up to 50 employees

€ 199/month

Up to 100 employees

€ 249/month

Up to 150 employees


Unlimited employees

Premium Data Privacy Premium Data Privacy Premium Data Privacy Premium Data Privacy
Custom Questions Custom Questions Custom Questions Custom Questions
Benchmarking Benchmarking Benchmarking Benchmarking
Premium Support Premium Support Premium Support Premium Support
Reports by Department Reports by Department Reports by Department
In-house training

Teambay claims to incorporate no maintenance or hidden costs.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Teambay_AccountSetupAccount Setup
Once you register with your company e-mail, Teambay inquires about some basic company information like the company logo that helps it in generating the feedback forms.




Teambay_FirstQuestionFirst Question Set Up
Marching forward, the tool lets you choose the first issue that it puts up in the feedback form sent to your employees. It also allows you to select the day of the week along with the timings when you would like your employees to receive these questionnaires.




Teambay_EmployeeInfoEmployee Information
The tool asks for some basic employee information and needs you to attach the employee e-mail list. An array of formats for this list are supported, and you can attach it later if the file is not ready while creating the account.



Teambay_QuestionPlanQuestion Plan
After setting up of the account, the list of items can be managed. The fundamental issues are presented categorically. The frequency and order of these questions can be manipulated while a variety of new questions can also be added at the user’s discretion.




The feedback submitted by the employees can be viewed in the ‘Analytics’ tab along with all the other data: participation statistics, ideas, ‘thank you’ e-mails, etc. right on the dashboard.




Teambay_BillingDetailsBilling Details
You can access all the billing invoices and other monetary information from the billing tab.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is easily accessible from mobile browsers. The mobile app of the tool is not yet available on any of the platforms.


The contact information of the employees can be imported in an assortment of formats (pdf, doc, csv, etc.) and the spreadsheets of suggestions and ideas furnished by the employees can be exported in the MS Excel Comma Separated Values files.


Teambay provides constant customer support through telephone helpline as well as online query form available on the website. The company also holds weekly webinars to address to all the questions and qualms and provide information on the best practices.

Pros and Cons of Teambay


  • Innovative analysis of the data
  • Benchmarking of the organization
  • Ease of control and handling
  • Modifiable questionnaire
  • Adherence to anonymity
  • Addressing of the sensitive yet significant matters that might otherwise cause awkwardness


  • A user cannot create a database of fewer than ten employees.
  • On selection of ‘upload the email list later’ option, the tool shows an unjust date format error.
  • Non-availability of the mobile app.
  • Availability in only English and German.


Teambay takes pride in being a simple real time tool and providing the conventional expensive HR solutions at affordable prices. It claims to be always up-to-date with the questions and upgrade with the altering trends. It is suitable for all the corporate scales and allows the management to pinpoint the challenges and devise ways to deal with them. The tool has enabled the field of HR technology to reach a new pinnacle.

For more details, please visit Teambay website

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