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Monday , June 24 2024

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When You Move- Empowering Legal Property Transfers

When-You-Move-Empowering-Legal-Property-TransfersWhen you Move is a modern property law firm which is tailored to deliver exceptional client service. It uses a proprietary CRM/case management platform alongside a consumer-facing mobile app for continuing transparency throughout the property transaction.

The company was co-founded and is operated under co-founders Peter Goodman and Simon. They began by discussing how the process of property buying and selling lacked transparencies as other industries. The complete process revolves around lawyers, but they were not always very good at controlling the flow of communications on a regular basis.


After much research and understanding, they came to a conclusion that technology could assist the legal team to do so. Additionally, the team decided to control the system themselves instead of licensing the solution to others. Therefore, they started on this idea to build the solution themselves and gain a permit to practice Conveyancing law.

The Market Demand

The field of real estate has been growing forever. There are about 1.2m property transactions in the UK every year with an estimated convincing market of more than £1bn. Therefore, the market already existed, but their idea of transparency will bring a new vibe to the market. They believed that their level of transparency brought into the market would make When You Move a dominant player.

Experiences from the Past

When You Move is the 7th startup by Peter Goodman and first for Simon. Peter had an incredibly strong business background as his previous company was social.com. The company became the world’s largest social advertising management platform and was finally taken over by Salesforce.com.

On the other hand, Simon had an experience running global teams at the likes of Thomson Reuters. He was always focused on delivering efficient outcomes within large industries and driving business growth and revenues.

The Idea of Entrepreneurship

Peter had always run his own business. He always had the mentality that he could execute an idea if he had a company. Simon also wanted to make a startup implement all the amazing skills he had developed during his personal experiences with the large corporates making it win.

The Financial Structure

The first round of funding was because of a crack record from the previous investors as well as from new investors. The booming market in the real estate, as well as the need and scope of improvement in the law regarding property dealings, made them easy for investors to convince for the finances.

When You Move is a modern property law firm making money from fees for services offered to the clients. The venture operates in a similar way to a legal practice operates also delivering services that leverage their proprietary technology stack.

When You Move also ensures that there is a right level of transparency during the transaction, maintain the proper communication channels.

The Winning Flags

As the business process advanced and made their breakthroughs. These wins filled their hearts with the confidence to change this process of business and with this level of transparency to operate. The team became highly motivated after these breakthroughs, and these achievements helped them to meet new challenges in their everyday business operations.

The Bottom Line

Driving the new entrepreneurs, the Team suggest that it is best to chase dreams in which you actually believe in. Make sure to keep alive and motivate the passion you possess as it will be tested through and through the times.

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