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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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10 Best SMS Marketing Tools in 2021

Text messaging is not just a convenient way to chat with friends. It’s also a powerful SMS marketing tool for small businesses. The majority of people today own a cell phone, and most of them use it to send and receive text messages. Precisely, cell phone users are more engaged with SMS messaging than they are with other mobile marketing avenues, like email or social media.

Therefore, nowadays, it is essential for business owners to adopt an SMS marketing strategy and add SMS marketing software in 2021 for their business. Here are some of the best SMS marketing tools in 2021, which you can use for your business for effective marketing.

Top SMS marketing software in 2021


Textedly offers a variety of text message marketing tools for all small, medium, and large businesses. It is one of the best SMS marketing tools in 2021 that helps in scheduling campaigns in advance with its calendar feature. It also has an autoresponder that sends automated replies to the contacts when they subscribe and multimedia messaging for images and videos. Also, it has a dashboard with several features such as free incoming text messages, custom keywords, contact management tools, and a robust reporting suite. Textedly offers 12 pricing tiers for companies of various sizes with 14 days free trial. Its paid plan starts at $24 per month for 1,200 text messages. The highest tier costs $2,800 per month and includes 240,000 text messages.


SimpleTexting offers quality features, but its flexible pricing makes the company an enticing option for small businesses. It is among the top SMS marketing software in 2021. It has a segmentation and automation tool that make it easy to customize marketing campaigns to target the right audiences at the right time. It also offers one-on-one direct messaging, making communication with the customers and prospects efficient and straightforward. It has different premium offers. The least expensive plan costs $25 per month for 500 credits, and the most expensive plan offers 50,000 credits for $625 per month.


Podium is a platform created to stay in touch with the customers, driving conversations and improving engagement. It is one of the best tools and top SMS marketing software in 2021, which is great for small businesses who want straightforward solutions for maintaining strong customer engagement. It has a centralized dashboard with the standout feature that supports the sales pipeline, allowing you to store and manage contact information for leads and customers that you can communicate with via text message.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting has a cloud-based platform that includes bulk texting, MMS, delivery reports, reminder campaigns, text polls, keywords, textable numbers, and text-to-landline capability. It is a top SMS marketing software in 2021 and a messaging solution that helps you provide better customer service, streamline communications, grow and nurture your leads, and improve your outreach efforts. Its pricing flexibility and variability is one of its best perks. The cheapest plan starts at $24 per month and includes 200 credits, and the most expensive one starts at $374 a month.


Twilio brings a powerful API for phone services enabling companies to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages. It is among the best SMS marketing tools in 2021 that allows programmers to easily integrate various communication methods and to use existing web development skills and codes to solve communication problems. It has messaging insights interface that allows you to dive deeper into your marketing strategies, examining important metrics that will define your future efforts.


TextMarks is a full-service SMS marketing company offering mass texts, two-way messaging, dedicated short codes, an open API and more. In this tool, you can target specific subscribers or reach out at various times in the customer journey with automated campaigns. You can even white-label TextMarks’ tools, creating custom-branded portals for reselling purposes. Precisely, the tool offers impeccable customer service with an extensive catalogue of resources that make it simple for the users to get started, even for the least tech-savvy organizations. TextMarks has three month-to-month plans, including gold, platinum, and enterprise plan for $199, $499, and $999 per month, respectively.


Zingle is an SMS marketing platform, perfect for customer-facing industries. It provides a brand-differentiated messaging portal to boost client satisfaction and the online reputation of the company. It offers the features of appointment scheduling, online bill pay, automated campaign workflows, messaging analytics and segmentation. Furthermore, it deploys impressive AI technology to understand message intent, which helps you offer the proper responses and get customers what and when they want it.


If you don’t want to spend weeks on learning how to operate your text message marketing service, then SlickText can help you create text marketing within hours or days. Through this, you can quickly go from having little to no experience with text message marketing to being quite adept. The user interface is intuitive, but the detailed explanations on the platform impressed us the most. Its primary features include mass text messaging, text message scheduling, auto-replies, picture messaging, two-way text messaging, email captures, analytics and reporting. SlickText pricing starts at $29.00 per feature per month. There is also a free trial version available for the users.


TextMagic is one of the best SMS marketing tools in 2021. It offers features such as mass messaging, two-way texting, segmentation, and automation, perfect for businesses of all types that want a simple yet effective communication tool. The TextMagic dashboard is straightforward to interact with, meaning anyone can effectively use the service without much training. It offers multiple subaccount capabilities that allow entire teams to access and manage to message. The tool makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to reach their audiences as often as they’d like in an uncomplicated manner.


Salesmsg focuses on helping businesses put their customers first by offering simple and scalable two-way messaging and text marketing. Its cloud-based platform allows you to manage messages from both a web interface and a mobile app, perfect for remote teams on the go. Furthermore, it has an intuitive dashboard, which is a one-stop-shop for communications and campaign management, and it can be accessed by multiple users. Precisely, users can customize their suite of services with third-party app integrations through the Zapier automation platform.

In a nutshell, message marketing uses SMS to deliver promotional messages to subscribers and customers. These marketing strategies help in increasing brand awareness, generate sales, increase web traffic, run promotions, and provides news to subscribers. The above-mentioned SMS marketing software can help you in creating your marketing strategies in 2021.

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