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Monday , May 27 2024

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Marketing and Sales software for small business product review- Timetrade

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review- TimetradeYou can see Top 10 Marketing and Sales tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Marketing and Sales tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

TimeTrade an marketing and sales software for small business provides a firm based online tool for scheduling appointments and meetings. The online tool can be used for scheduling within the organization for internal management and notification purposes or can also be deployed for external purposes by the means of setting up a call-center or providing customer service through agents.

TimeTrade seems to be apt for small and large organizations alike and aids in various market aspects like healthcare, business governing bodies and many more. It is the perfect tool to manage the tedious appointment schedules with personnel located at sparse locations and even those present in diverse time zones. These are the key features that urge the spotlight over TimeTrade when considering marketing and sales tools. TimeTrade was first released as TimeDriver but after remodeling was relaunched as TimeTrade and has been on the forefront ever since. It is one of the very best and recommended online tools for managing your schedule.

TimeTrade is a platform that helps the clients in retaining the ties with people through dynamic and productive scheduling by harmonizing with other verified marketing or sales tools, say for instance SalesForce. Maintaining schedule times with clients is productively managed by preserving time slots for other customers to contact you. It goes one step further with personalization by providing an automatically generated email to your client to serve as a reminder so that they are aware of their meeting schedule with you. While it provides great functionality with easy steps and simply designed modules, it lacks certain features that are minor to its cause.

Editions and Pricing

TimeTrade provides 3 editions and 1 introductory call feature to get started. The two editions are Professional and Workgroup. You can create a 30-day trial account on any one of these depending on your needs. The TimeTrade Professional Edition costs US $49.00/year, TimeTrade Workgroup Edition costs US $99.00/seat/year and TimeTrade Workgroup–Plus costs US $299/seat/year.

The introductory call feature allows to schedule a call with the enterprise specialist to get the insight about the system and comes absolutely free of charges.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Marketing_and_sales_timetrade_uncomplicated_secure_sign-up_process1Uncomplicated Sign-up Process
TimeTrade follows the two-step process for initial account set up. The system asks for your credentials on a sign-up form to create an account on TimeTrade. The system does not ask for any personal critical information. General professional email is required to set up the initial account and thereafter, takes you to the second step to set up the password for security facet.



Following the sign-up, a system generated mail is automatically forwarded to your email address. By clicking on it, a user can verify his credentials and get started with TimeTrade. Your account will be successfully set up and you can sign in to access the dashboard.



Marketing_and_sales_timetrade_guidelines_and_tutorialsGuidelines and Tutorials
As soon as you sign in, the system shows you an option to go forth with sample tutorials to learn how to manage your schedules using TimeTrade. The samples guide you through the process of sending invites, creating activities and syncing your Google or Outlook calendars.


Greeting the Dashboard
The dashboard incorporates three panels to segregate the features TimeTrade provides.

Marketing_and_sales_timetrade_home_paneHome Panel
The home panel consists of three panels. The first panel provides the user with an option to accept or decline email invites to add to his network, it also enables the registered user to send email invites to join you for scheduling meetings. The limit extends to up to 200 people who can be invited for the same. This panel also consists of the list of categories of various activities scheduled like phone call schedules and in-person meetings.


In addition, to these, it also has appointment inbox which shows the user the list of appointments already made. The central panel provides the details of the feature selected on the first panel. The third panel is guiding panel that has options to guide you through the process and make you aware of the know-how’s.


Marketing_and_sales_timetrade_admin_paneAdmin Panel
The admin panel offers you three features. It lets you handle your account details, upload a logo and manage your TimeTrade subscriptions. The ‘My Account’ feature lets you manage your personal information like address and company name.

It also lets you change registered emails and security keys. One of the prime features it offers is setting up your customized rules for making appointments. It makes the user’s appointment scheduling flexible and friendly. A user can also connect his calendar (Google/ Outlook) through this panel by choosing ‘Connect Your Calendar’ option.


Help Panel
This panel incorporates all the options that the user would require is he gets stuck through any of the processes. It has altogether four options: Getting started, FAQ, What’s New and Quick Start. By choosing the ‘Getting Started’ option, the system navigates you to a second window that contains the step by step instructions to commit various tasks that the system offers. Similarly, the ‘FAQ’ option navigates you to a page where different queries are addressed that a user might have while enjoying the benefits of TimeTrade.

The ‘What’s New’ option provides you the updates the system has deployed. It talks about previous release, changes, improvements and patches made recently. The ‘Quick Start’ option puts you up with the tutorial introduction screen where you can access the various tutorials provided by the system for easy access and efficient functionality.

Pros and Cons of Timetrade


  • Software updated regularly.
  • Plethora of self-service options
  • Excellent for scheduling one-on-one meetings
  • Can connect with Outlook and Google calendar
  • Mobile app available


  • Customer payment platform not offered
  • Customer service dormant and unresponsive
  • Clients cannot cancel or reschedule appointment already made on their own.
  • Clients are not informed about the cost of appointment and have no access to waiting lists

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TimeTrade is one of the best tools for scheduling. It can easily integrate with marketing services, CRM, business processes and enterprise sales to drive business results and enhance customer satisfaction.TimeTrade also accommodates telephonic meetings along with in-person meetings.

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