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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Minutemailer

marketing-tools-product-review-minutemailerThe success, outreach, and growth of your endeavors depend appreciably on your marketing strategies. In the contemporary internet-dependent world, reaching out to the customers via e-mails and maintaining a strong presence on the various social networking websites are extremely crucial. With so many platforms to take care of, the task becomes tedious and exhausting. This is where Minutemailer comes into the picture and saves the day.

Minutemailer is one of the marketing tool for small business which allows the users to create cogent and vibrant newsletters and other content and sends them to the customers via e-mails. It also allows you to develop the content for social media platforms and publishes the posts on your profiles.

The tool is easy to use and alleviates the burden of both designing the content as well as spreading it across. The Minutemailer marketing calendar allows scheduling of the posts and provides an efficacious overview of all your marketing activities.  Also, the tool lets you analyze your performance by generating data on the number of clicks and opens that each sent out post receives. 

Editions and Pricing

The tool provides four different packages based on the number of contacts and the permissible limit on the number of emails per month.

Free Standard Plus Premium
0 USD/month 10 USD/ month paid yearly, or 16 USD/month paid monthly 39 USD/month paid yearly, or 44 USD/month paid monthly 299 USD/month paid yearly, or 348 USD/month paid monthly
500 contacts 5,000 contacts 50,000 contacts 500,000 contacts
Max 500 emails/month Max 5,000 emails/month Max 50,000 emails/month Max 500,000 emails/month
Max 7 scheduled activities Unlimited scheduled activities Unlimited scheduled activities Unlimited scheduled activities

As an alternative to the monthly subscription packages, you can also use the pay to send feature wherein 0.6 USD is charged for every 100 emails. The feature can also be used when you have more contacts than your account limit or have exceeded your monthly number of emails. This type of payment approach is ideal if you only need to send out occasional emails.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Minutemailer_SelectWhat Do You Want to Make?
Once you have created your account and linked the social media platforms which you want to use, you can select from a variety of options available. You can choose to create a plain email or Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts. The customizable emails can also be set up including newsletters, invitations, product news, quick news, and sale notes.  You can also design press release and Flyers.



Minutemailer_EmailWithLayoutEmail with Layout
The feature provides a very easy-to-use customizing panel. The templates of various types of circulars are provided. The images and text can be added at the discretion of the user. The layouts are completely customizable. You can also alter the orientation and place of text, images, titles, buttons, etc. as per the requirement. The editor proves to be an ideal alternative to the other complicated software and tools available. The post can be sent immediately or can be scheduled for later delivery.


Minutemailer_ButtonAdd a Button
Your emails can include buttons that take the customers to the specific web pages. You can quickly edit the title of your button and change its background color, text color, etc. in the settings tab.




Minutemailer_ContactsImport Contacts
Create a new list of contacts or import the text, Excel or RTF files that contain the email addresses. You can also import the contact list from your Gmail/Google account. Yes, it is that easy.




Minutemailer_AnalysisPerformance Tracking
The tool allows you to track your performance by providing an analysis of the number of clicks and opens that your each post receives under the ‘Sent’ tab. This allows you to modify your content based on the analysis report directly translating into the success of the endeavor.



Minutemailer_CalendarMarketing Calendar
Never lose the sight of your marketing tasks and view all your scheduled emails and posts on the marketing calendar. Everything is so orderly and user-friendly.



Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app of the tool is not yet available on any of the stores. The tool is easily accessible via the mobile browsers.


The tool provides an easy importing of images in jpg, png, gif formats. You can also import the contact lists in the form of text files, excel sheets or in RTF format. A user can also incorporate the contacts from Gmail or Google accounts easily. The tool has tight integration with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and facilitates direct posting on these social websites.


The tool provides support via an online query form. The procedure of using the tool is clearly explicated on the website. The tool also marks prominent presence via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

Pros and Cons of Minutemailer


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Easy importing of images and contact lists.
  • The tool is available in both English and Swedish.


  • Complex button integration.
  • Contact databases can only have names and email-IDs.
  • Unavailability of the mobile app.

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The tool differentiates itself from other available options by providing a very friendly user interface and an easy integration of the emails and the social media content on a single platform. The tool is economical and incorporates an array of functions like pay to send feature, customizable layouts, link buttons, etc.

For more details, please visit Minutemailer website.

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