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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Top marketing and sales tools for small business product review- Callbacklab


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Callbacklab is one of the top marketing & sales tool which fantastic features you can add to your business website. This application acts as a widget on your personal website and helps your business process boost up. Some firms interact with their clients on a regular basis. In fact, most of their business activities are based upon regular communication over phone lines with the customers.

Callbacklab is one of such applications that can integrate with your business website to work in sync with it. You can simply paste the code into your site’s HTML document provided by the platform and make it a part of your everyday business activities.


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Editions and Pricing

The application is currently in Beta version and will soon release details about its versions and pricing details.

Capabilities and supporting set of Features

Callbacklab-DashboardThe Dashboard
As soon as you create an account with Callbacklab, you are directed to your dashboard. The dashboard will be the central place to control all your activities and projects.


Callbacklab-CreateNewProject Creating a New Project
As soon as you create an account on Callbacklab, you can get started with new projects. You can create new projects right from the dashboard. All you need to get started is, enter your domain name and contact details of the manager. The application automatically checks if it is active. Callbacklab gives code that can be embedded into your website to enable this unusual feature of instant call.


Callbacklab-WorkingwithTheProjectsWorking with Projects
Once a project has been added, a number of tasks can be performed with it. You can work on and analyze sections such as:


  • Progress
  • Phones
  • Schedule
  • Logs
  • Voicemails
  • Code
  • Appearance, and
  • Disable

Callbacklab-EnablingandDisablingEnabling and Disabling Callbacklab
Since this feature is highly intuitive and connects your customers directly to you via call function, you can enable and disable at your convenience. You can also enable and disable this features as you like. this feature helps a lot in high traffic conditions.



Callbacklab-MeasuringTheProgressMeasuring The Progress
You can track the progress of your project through this feature. The default settings display project performance graph from the past 30 days.


Callbacklab-ManagingphonesManaging the Phones
Phone Numbers can be Efficiently Managed through this feature. You can make changes and add the Manager phone and Manager Phone Extensions with the Incoming Caller Ids and Save settings most favorable for your project.


The voicemail section keeps a log about the conducted voicemails using Callbacklab. The details include:


  • Call DateTime
  • Customer
  • Duration
  • Recording

Callbacklab-SchedulingEvents Scheduling Events
Callbacklab helps you to schedule calls according to your working hours and availability. This added features also takes care of the different time zones across the world.



Callbacklab-TheLogsThe Logs
Like any other mobile phones we use every day, the logs features maintains a record of all call activities with details such as:


  • Call Datetime
  • Manager
  • Customer
  • Duration
  • Customer IP
  • Recording


The application itself integrates itself as a widget to your business website.  It makes it possible for your customers to make one-to-one real-time calls with your support executive.


The application offers email support to its users. You can shoot an email to the team if you face any issues using the product.

Pros and Cons of Callbacklab


  • Analytics and progress section helps to track progress faster.
  • Logs keep you updated on the recent activities.


  • A chat service along with call feature can help adding the next level of communication.
  • Screen sharing feature can also assist in the communication process, especially if the business deals in IT and software services.


  • Real-time calling facility with the one-to-one
  • Call logs help to keep you updated.
  • Dashboard feature contributes to making and manage multiple projects at the same time.

For more details, please visit Callbacklab website.

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