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Monday , June 24 2024

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Top Marketing and Sales software Product Review- Prospxt

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-prospxtBuilding and managing customers are one of the top priorities in any business. As the world of sales and services gone online, every business today tries to adopt any and every means for customer retention. There are many tools, though that help businesses boost their online visibility to the target audience.

One of such kind is Prospxt which is one of the top marketing & Sales Automation Application. The tool works in areas across Lead Generation, Sales Development, and Inbound Sales. The tool helps the business reach their customers having a set of some amazing features.


Editions and Pricing

The details about editions and pricing are:

Data + Email $400
Growth- On Demand $749

Capabilities and supporting set of features

Prospxt-DashboardThe Prospxt Dashboard
The application offers an easy to use and navigate dashboard. The dashboard provides quick access to areas such as Lists, Companies, and Contacts. The dashboard also displays a list of all the campaigns carried out through an account with details such as Name, Date Created, Total Contacts, Last Seen Date, Status, and Details.


Prospxt-EmailTemplatesEmail Templates
The application allows its users to create and use their email templates. The left panel gives quick access to email templates where you can see a list of all the templates and also have an option to create new templates.



Prospxt-Create YourOwnTemplate Create your own Templates
The Email Template Manager allows you to create new templates. Here you can create new email templates with details such as Template Name, Email Subject Line and Main body of the Templates.



Prospxt-SelectFrom LibrarySelect From Library
Once the template is created, it is listed in the library. So next time when you don’t have to create a customized email when it has to be shared with a broad audience.




Prospxt-CreateCampaignsCreate Campaigns
The users can create and conduct their own and customized campaigns. For this, you need to create a list of industries with all the necessary details. The features take you through some steps to create and conduct email campaigns.


Mobile Accessibility

The startup does not have a mobile integration and does not have applications for Android and iOS platforms. The application, however, can be accessed via mobile.


The application does not integrate with any external application for its functioning.


The application offers online live chat support for all the users who have created an account in Prospxt.

Pros and Cons of Prospxt


  • It integrates and captures data and relevant information about the aligned companies with their detail information at a central place so that no external app is required to store their information.
  • Along with emails and company information, the application also saves and keeps track of external contacts of important business leads and people.


  • The application is too slow to load.
  • As it deals with email campaigns, the application, if integrated with email applications such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook could have pulled in emails and other contact details beneficiary for the product.

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  • The application stores and keeps a track of all the target companies important for business operations.
  • Customized email campaigns help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

For more details, please visit Prospxt website .

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