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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Top Marketing Tools for small business Product Review – Snitcher

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-snitcherOwn a website? Then, this one is surely for you.

Which company visits your website and what it does on the website are some of the very important questions you must have. If looking for the answers of these questions, then they are here, a top marketing & sales tool for small business Snitcher. As per its name suggests, it’s a sort of sneaker for your website who allows you to locate your visitors.

Knowing your visitors will be a fine measure as it will help in knowing your website better and also your customers, which in return will enhance the sales and the scope of improvement.

Editions and Pricing

The app gives a free trial of 14 days with each following plan:

Basic: It offers $24/month and $29 month-to-month with features as unlimited monthly leads and team members.

Sales:It offers $44/month and $49 month-to-month with all basic features plus some additional features which include export to CRM or CSV, teamwork and watchlist.

Marketing: It offers $44/month and $49 month-to-month with all basic features plus some additional features which include analytics and UTM code tracking.

Complete: It offers a complete package of $54/month and $59 month-to-month with all basic, sales and marketing features.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Snitcher_Lead_GenerationLead Generation
User can see which company visits his website and what work they do on the website. Finding the best users and converting them to the sales is a tough task, here it is solved by Snitcher with every detail of the lead generated including their employees.



Snitcher_filterationSegmentation with Filtration
The tool has a great functionality of filtration, which helps in fetching the appropriate results as per your requirement.




Snitcher_SegmentationThese after-filter views can be segmented and assigned to a right person or team.




Snitcher_Managing_leadsManaging Leads
Potential leads are managed under a single lead inbox having all filterable essentials so to make collaboration flexible. Live updates will inform about who is viewing a lead by dynamic updates.



Mobile Accessibility

Currently the tool doen’t offer mobile apps.


Snitcher is able to integrate with apps like – salesforce, Google Analytics, slack and pipedrive.


A visitor can get to know the answers of his queries through 2 modes, either by mailing or he can have a quick chat, on which they will help you solve your doubts. No other medium of information is provided on the site.

Pros and Cons of Snitcher


  1. Filters are presented with some good options, helpful in finding leads as per categories.
  2. Provides a better view of the global presence of leads.
  3. Analytic representation about a user’s website is precise and useful.


  1. The interface is not user friendly.
  2. Doesn’t connect with other employees directly.
  3. No guidance is provided on how to use the software.

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They are the cheapest solution to find the lead, also they provides more data about the lead than any other website. Next, they are working on some very cool features that will help you get more customers (not public yet).

For more details, please visit: Snitcher website.

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