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Friday , April 19 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- SalesRipe

CRM-Tools-Product-review- salesripe

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SalesRipe is a project that was developed to streamline the CRM process and can pull in targeted prospects. This application is loaded with capabilities to search and instantly find targeted prospects quickly.

The Lead Manager of the application helps you better manage your job acting as a helping hand. SalesRipe helps sales people save a lot of time by quickly and efficiently providing leads that can be captured and turned into active customers.

Editions and Pricing

The versions and pricing plans of the application are as under:



Monthly Plan

$79.99 per month

Annual Plan

$ 799 per year

Multi-User Plans

2 to 25 users- $ 69.99 per month
26 to 50 users- $59.99 per month
Over 50 users- $49.99 per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

salesripe-quickleadsearchesQuick Lead Searches
The application ensures that you find prospects you were always looking for, as there are over 14 million business leads and 200 million consumers. SalesRipe offers a quick and accurate sales database to make this process easy and convenient.


salesripe-scrollthroughunlimitedleadsScroll Through Unlimited Leads
SalesRipe lets you view unlimited points instantly. In addition, you can also choose to download these leads into excel files. SalesRipe also allows you to print points or manage them directly within SalesRipe platform.


salesripe-manageleadsManage Leads
The built in Lead Manager lets you assign tasks, follow up and view all your contact interactions in one place.



salesripe-avoidduplicationAvoid Duplication
If you already have a customer list, you would rather avoid duplicating it. You can always upload this list of your current customers with their phone numbers to the SalesRipe platform. This can help you avoid generating duplicate files.


salesripe-calendar Calendar helps you stay organized
The built-in calendar and pop up reminder keeps you on track of all the activities. This feature also helps you stay organized and plan your tasks better. This way you will never miss another important sales call or meeting.



salesripe-mapyourleads Map Your Leads
SalesRipe lets you see your sales leads on a Map instantly. This added feature facilitates you to easily plan routes so that you can conduct meetings with your customers.



Mobile Accessibility

SalesRipe is currently unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Andriod and iOS.


The application currently does not integrate with any external platform.


The application offers secure support for all its users. The product website itself is quite informative giving all the information that you need to get started. Other support includes:

  • FAQ section, and
  • Email Support

The FAQ section provides solutions to almost all the queries for the users.

Pros and Cons of SalesRipe


  • Simple interface.
  • Lead Manager helps you better manage the points.
  • Calendar features help you stay organized.
  • It works for small companies as well as corporate giants.


  • Integration with cloud platforms could make it easy to pull in data from them.


  • The map feature helps you plan your customers so that they can be traced and contacted easily.

For more details, please visit SalesRipe website.

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