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Monday , April 15 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Archmule


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Archmule is a single platform with multiple features helping you to manage your projects efficiently. The free tool has the potential to handle the workflow of your concerned projects along with your team members. However, it provides social benefits where you can connect with other people through joint ventures and acts as a collaboration media for connecting to various projects.

There is no limit to project creations and users. Archmule has a beautiful interface that promotes user engagement and ease of work. The platform leverages the completion status so you can run according to the time. You can follow others and can receive updates relevant to them. Concisely, Archmule caters smooth and easy functionality for your project work.

Editions and Pricing

Archmule’s basic service is free forever.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_archmule_project_optionsProject Options
Project Page shows you all of your projects with a variety of features. Selecting a project will show you classifications like calendar, files, activities, and people associated with the project. Each project entails privacy mode, make any project publically available or keep it private for own interest.

You can assign an image relevant to the project for better identification. Moreover, while creating projects, tags can be used for fast retrieval of them. With one click you can mark the project competition, or sync the calendar, or delete it.

product_review_archmule_task_creationTask Creation
Creating a job is simple. You can add it anytime with mentioning the due date, time, and assigning it to a team member. Moreover, there are options for comments with emoticons and attachments, so every team member put visible opinion.

You can edit and duplicate a task for similar use. Briefly, you can get a complete communication packet for project management.

product_review_archmule_comprehensive_representationComprehensive Representation
The framework of the app provides you the status of your project. It shows you which projects are completed, which are you working on currently, and the upcoming project list. This structure helps you evaluating your team efforts and scheduling their work for future plans.

You can easily drag and drop any task from one category to other and can edit their inputs at any time.

product_review_archmule_activity_pageActivity Page
As the name suggests, the event page displays what you have done in the project. You can discover the activities of your team members as well as the people you follow. This way you can never miss any update. Additionally, you can track your weekly plan and follow suggestions regarding project and users.


The Calendar feature presents your project schedule within a calendar view. It is a clean and efficient way to analyze your project plans. From here, you can directly add a task with a concerned date. You can discover the works in monthly or weekly view. It makes an interior view for all the missions in a project.


Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not have a mobile app. However, the team is planning to launch a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms.


Currently, the app provides integration with Slack, Hipchat, Flowdock, and Webhook.


The app consists a knowledge base for supporting users’ requirements. Moreover, you can connect with them through social channels and email.

Pros and Cons of Archmule


  • Beautiful interface.
  • Attachments in the project.
  • Task duplicate option.
  • Scale that represents the project status.
  • Social likes and followers updates, you can track.


  • Status fields including ‘Now’ and ‘Next’ do not allow task addition from their windows.


The free project management app, Archmule provides a platform that eases the complex workflow of projects and allows to manage them with a collaborative approach.

For more details, please visit Archmule website.

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