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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Assign It To Me

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-Assign-It-To-MeAssign It To Me is a project management tool that efficiently manages projects, task status, and time tracking. Take the cost from your client on the basis of time and run your projects profitably with Assign It To Me.

The tool offers small, quick options to monitor the progress of all your projects at the same time. It allows a user to create projects and track their growth along with their associated entities. With Assign It To Me looks into health metrics of projects and make safer decisions with fast rates.


Editions and Pricing

The app is during the beta period and free for now.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Assign_It_To_Me_Project_CreationProject Creation
Build projects in the app by providing vital information along with the health settings for project entities. Customizable Health settings include- mapping for effort, scope, billing and flag attribute where the user can set conditions for these attributes as per choice. Project content directly affects the settings.



Assign_It_To_Me_User_AdditionUser Addition
The administrator of an account can add new users to a project or task using his/her email. The app checks and tells whether the entered email belongs to any registered user or not. If not, the addition is allowed. Here the user can set privileges of the new user and also his/her hourly rates.


Tags act as the filters in the app. The administrator can make tags as per choice to attach them with associated task or user. Enter tags in searches to get relevant results.



Fetch reports on the required project with essential details. Here reports are classified into two categories; based on status or based on time. Extract data as per your choice to make a glance over projects. It also allows printing the reports instantly.



Assign_It_To_Me_Task_WeightTask Weight
Every task owns a work weight ranges from 0 to 5. Task weight shows the priority occupied by a project, which is decided by the administrator.




Assign_It_To_Me_Project_OverviewProject Overview
The overview of each project is available in the app that demonstrates the value of every asset under a single interface. Expand or collapse data that you need and perform a suitable action. The overview shows project health information, project metrics, all reports and much more.


Mobile Accessibility

There is no mobile app for Assign It To Me. However, it can run on mobile web browsers.


The app allows integration with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.


You can connect with the support team through email, or the option of the phone call is also there.

Pros and Cons of Assign It To Me


  • Direct print reports with a click.
  • Data export in numerous formats.
  • Color coding gives a quick glance of health report.
  • Generate API Key automatically.
  • Custom link attachments are allowed.


  • The interface is dull.
  • No notification center is present.
  • No options to set reminders.


The project health report is the document, which differentiates the app from other project management tools. Set your desirable benchmarks and track the status of your projects with Assign It To Me.

For more details, please visit Assign It To Me website.

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