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Friday , April 19 2024

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Online project management Tools Product Review- Barvas


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Barvas is an online project management platform that offers a complete solution rather than just focusing on task management. It provides a workspace for different stages of project management like requirement gathering, task creation, and task management, etc. The workspace comprises of timelines, dashboards, and tools for social communication.

It guides the users via a six-step process by experience and engagement with the project manager about the objectives, requirements, the scope of the project, formulating the plan, delivering the project, monitoring, and reviewing.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta; it is available for a free trial until October. Small businesses get a special offer in which users can get a 2-year subscription at £150; it can have up to 5 users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Barvas_UnderstandObjectivesUnderstand Objectives
Get clear on the aim of your project. Set the milestones that you need to reach. Highlight key goal and make everyone on your team aware of them. You can identify areas where it aligns with your business goals.



Barvas_GatherRequirementsGather Requirements
Gather requirements by engaging all of your team members. You can ask questions and gather inputs from everybody. Barvas allows you to add notes and insert links to support your requirement gathering process.



Barvas_ProjectScopeProject Scope
Deciding the project scope has some challenges. You need to get everyone to agree on the scope. You need to make estimates on the budget and associated risks, identify resources, and make assumptions about the constraints and what areas the scope covers. Getting everyone on the same page needs effective communication.



Create the list of deliverables, interdependencies between the tasks, their sequence, and the significant You can create different functions and specify their due dates and status.




Barvas_DeliverProjectDeliver the project
The project delivery phase requires a mix of skills like managing tasks, allocating resources, tracking progress, manage changes, solve problems and manage risks and stakeholders. Barvas has different view options like map view or category view for better visibility into the project.



Barvas_ReviewMonitor and Review
A proper review cycle assures that the team is working right on track. You should monitor the progress and share it in time with the executives and stakeholders. Barvas has options to categorize tasks properly through color coding to make the review process easier and more efficient.


Pros and Cons of Barvas


  • Barvas has a built-in mapping component to help you cover all aspects of the project while planning.
  • It provides a complete project workspace.
  • The tool is intuitive and fits easily into your workflow.


  • Some of the features are under development, so it can’t be called a full-fledged project management solution yet.

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The six-step project management process offered by this tool is an efficient way of keeping the team well-informed and guides throughout the team. The tool has the potential to grow into a complete end-to-end solution for project management.

For more details, please visit Barvas website.

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