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Friday , May 24 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Craft

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Craft is a project management tool and an agile platform. It supports and exhibits the features that define a product, and it’s all associated aims. A user can invest his idea and can design and set it along with other members. The inclusion of features, stories, or epics is straightforward, bright, and transparent for the teams.

Users can quickly grasp the status or condition of a feature by looking at the kanban view. Backlog creation is allowed where it can be assigned to any teams.

Moreover, it executes a roadmap for the stories involved in an idea, which shows the path and flow of the product. From discovery to the product building, every step is visible by all the associated teams. Every team can make essential changes under a category or can suggest with the collective approach, so you never lack the updates. Now the project and its management became comfortable with Craft.

Editions and Pricing

Free $0/month
Pro $12.95/month
Enterprise Contact Team

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Idea creation takes place in discover section. The story map is designed by the users with involved options like steps and release options. Each can be identified by a color code. You can decide the overview of the idea with detailed points. Also, you can collect the ideas from your teams and customers.

It allows a user to add features and designs to the idea or story. You can quickly decide the flow of the story and elements. Along with this, the tool also provides planning phase to label an account, its prioritization, story points, and other settings. You can even implement the categorization option for a story including its goals, initiatives, and labels.

This feature permits the setting of your versions and high-level milestones. Also, these entities can be assigned to a predefined function, or new features and epics can be created. This interface represents the releases and signs in the four quarters differentiated view.


This workflow and resource tool option build the priorities and categorized items of a product. Prioritize the product items in the newsprint and backlog categories. The item in the list provides the columns including story points, value, importance, and more options that you can set. Moreover, the backlog creation considers various options such as story, requirement, and bug.

Product_review_Craft_teamTeam management
Here, you can place your teams centrally. You can create groups as many as you wish with a dedicated icon and members.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool does not have any dedicated mobile app.


The tool offers combination with Google Drive, Dropbox, Jira, and TFS.


There is a help area to understand the tool. Besides, you can connect the team via email.

Pros and Cons of Craft


  • Export data from the app.
  • The filters in dates and data request.
  • Activity list.
  • Kanban view.


  • For the introduction of the app, a video or picture can make it easy to understand.

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Craft app makes sure that product management is robust with the efficient features and succinct roadmap of stories.

For more details, please visit Craft Website.

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