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Thursday , July 25 2024

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These 3 IoT Startups of 2017 will Turn your Life Upside down

These-3-IoT-Startups-of-2017-will-Turn-your-Life-Upside-downInternet of things is the present and future of the world. It seeks to transform our lifestyles. With the invent of artificial intelligence and IoT, human efforts have reduced subsequently in every sector. Research and innovations have paved the way for the development of intelligent devices. Such devices do all the work independently without any human intervention. Moreover, the devices are equipped with sensors that sense various environmental conditions and act smart accordingly.

This fast-growing artificial intelligence industry has grabbed the interest of many startups. It has encouraged the growing sector to develop some awe-striking applications to ease human efforts. Let’s welcome some of these fantastic IoT startups that will make this year more pleasurable for the human race. Digitalize your life by using the IoT apps given below.

Sense Mother

Just like our Mom, this device takes care of all our belongings. It’s working justifies its name. It has Smart motion detection technology sensors that help to manage everything efficiently and effectively. You can Stick it on your front door and receive an alert when someone enters your territory illegally. Use it in a water bottle to notify you about drinking water. Likewise, you can use it with thermostat, mattress, keys or any article and stay alert about your environment.

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SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell

You are just a doorbell away from your home. This device tends to take you home with only the ring of a doorbell. Confused? Well, the SkyBell device captures the live video of the person who presses the doorbell. It will allow you to communicate with that person even if you are not at your home. Also, if the doorbell does not ring, then with its motion detectors the devices detect someone’s presence and alerts the owner. Thus, you will be at your home even if or not physically present.


IoT without the internet is impossible. It requires network connectivity all the time to share data and act intelligently. Have you ever thought about what will happen if Wi-Fi goes off? The IoT will be of no use then. To solve this problem, Afero comes into the scene. It takes the responsibility of connecting IoT devices with the internet at all times. Afero provides the developers with modules, hubs, cloud networks, tools and everything required to stay connected to the internet. It supports the development of new ideas and innovations.

The Bottom Line

In this digital era maintain pace with trending technology and imbibe this innovation in your lives. These changes and developments will give comfort and reduce your efforts. So keep using these techniques in your life and also keep innovating.

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