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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best Project Management Tools Product Review-


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You are overloaded with ideas but could not get the time to brainstorm them and plan for them. Don’t skip any great idea, make it countable with one of the best project management tool i.e. instead. is a platform that organically plans your project ideas so you can execute them fast. It uses the collaborative approach where teams can be made associated with a contributed idea. Your thoughts are safe here in the form of flows. The color code status tags help in identifying the projects’ acceptable level.

It allows product manager or marketers to track and note the expanded thinking, so you never lose any part of the idea. Share your thought process with your team, know their opinions, and transform your project concept into reality with the collaborative approach. It is not just a project management tool; many other additional features make it beyond the management platform. It is a savior of your idea.

Don’t plan. Got an amazing idea? Just start creating it with and go with the flow. With, you will discover the requirements as you go.

Editions and Pricing

The available version of the app is free forever.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Product review_Germ.io_flowcreationFlow creation
The primary concept of the product is to present ideas that matter to you. Here, you can record them in the form of flow. You can create your new streams or can select from the available templates to contribute to existing ideas by others.

There is no limit to the flows; you can create as many as you want. Home button takes you to the dashboard that will allow you to see all the streams you are working on.

Product review_Germ.io_flowtextIdea in Simple Format
Flows or plans can be managed in simple text format in the application. It allows adding links, pictures, and files for complete idea package. This way, the collaborators can understand the idea of a person very well. Assign a view to the team member along with a due date.

Moreover, a user can set the status of a flow. Share and comment on the team idea to maintain the transparency for better work approach.

Product review_Germ.io_concurrent IdeaConcurrent Ideas
Each of the ideas can be expanded to the additional and ground level. The app provides this functionality to compose the subpart that can be treated same as per a primary purpose. You can invite collaborators to work on a specific flow to brainstorm and discuss. The associated teams can submit their ‘Eureka’ vote for the best idea.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not have a dedicated mobile app.


Currently, it does not offer combination with any other app.


There is a help center containing essential videos, tour guidelines, and feedback options. Additionally, email and phone support are available.

Pros and Cons of


  • Add collaborators explicitly.
  • Attach links and pictures to ideas.
  • Best idea discovery through the number of Eureka.
  • Real-Time communication through comments.


  • Could not find security constraints for a flow.
  • There can be themes based on the ideal background.

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Differentiator provides a task management platform where you can brainstorm your great ideas with your team. The real-time collaborations help in achieving the plan and implementation of insight into reality.

For more details, please visit website.

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