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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review: Nama

Project-Management-tools-product-review-namaNama is a modern Project Management solution that can be used to keep the team informed about the state of the project by allowing real time messaging and keeping messages tied directly to the tasks. It is a SaaS solution that helps keep the teams aligned with the business goals. The tool allows you to focus on prioritization and effective communication amongst team members.

The tool was built with an intent to simplify project management tasks for an organization as the existing tools are not as much capable of providing that.

Nama helps the team members have greater visibility into the progress of different tasks. It eliminates the need of third party tools for collaborating while keeping track of the project through a different tool. The tool also allows everyone from the company to give their feedbacks making the system more transparent and productive.

Editions and Pricing

The solution comes in 3 different plans. The standard plan is available at $5 per user per month and provides a storage space of 50 GB. The pro plan is available at $14 per user per month and provides a storage space of 150 GB. There is an enterprise plan with a storage space of 750 GB.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Nama allows you to manage different types of projects at a single place, no matter what the size and complexity is. You can create new projects specifying the title and description about the project. Anyone can join a project by choosing from the different projects from the explore menu. The projects are by default visible to everyone within the organization to maintain transparency. But, you can change the visibility to private if you want so that it is only visible to members whom you’ve invited.


Nama follows the “no surprises” approach by giving out alerts every time an issue comes up that might be a risk to the completion of a task so that the solutions can be found right away. The alerts are placed on the dashboards of concerned team members. There are options to customize these alerts or even disable them.


It allows you to prioritize the tasks to let the team members know about the most important and immediate tasks at hand. You can also reprioritize a task any number of times.




Nama_LivechatLive Chat
Nama allows you to converse with your team members while working on the project so that the team members are in sync with each other. It also allows sharing feedbacks for all the tasks and projects.




You can track progress of the teams, checks whether goals are being reached and get insights into what can be done to improve efficiency by using the reporting feature.



Pros and Cons of Nama


  • Keeps your data secure with 256bit SSL security and two factor authentication.
  • Keeps you updated with the changing states of the task.
  • Allows prioritizing tasks.
  • Integration with GitHub and Slack.
  • Mobile support.


  • No features for budget management.


Nama gives a new approach to project management by combining the features of real time messaging and feedbacks. It lets your team be aware of the priority tasks and all the other important notes about that task by directly linking them with it. This tool can benefit your organization in a number of ways.

For more details, please visit: Nama website.

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