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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Ambassify

Marketing tools-product-review-ambassifyAmbassify is a tool which completely focuses on marketing via the consumers using the concept of ambassadors. Branding by the ambassadors is the common technique adopted to bring more product values to the company. But what if they are fake? They will result in heavy deductions in market value as the ambassadors play a very important role for lead generation.

Choosing a genuine ambassador for the marketing of a product is an imperative task as there is nothing trusted as word-of-mouth marketing. Think of the impact when real consumers would be the ambassador, this will gain public’s attention in a more trusted manner rather than just believing the facts.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing Features
Professional €5 /ambassador/month Spread company’s own messages to social channels
Premium €10/ambassador/month Community between brand ambassador and brand
Enterprise Contact On demand pricing

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Ambassify_connect_real_usersConnect to Real Users
No one would want to let go of the users which are happy using your product. Since they are the most important assets, connecting with them must be the priority.



Ambassify_Ambassador_managementAmbassador Management
Managing the profiles of the ambassadors is vital. By default form on the website which the community head can modify to get information from the ambassadors. How much reward will an ambassador get is also decided here.



Ambassify_powerful_analyticsPowerful Analytics
Option of easy look of analytics over the community is available to measure the view count per day, helping in recording performance of the community.



Real users can be invited through the invitation portal to become the ambassadors. To connect with the potential candidate the community head can send these invitations containing the link.



Ambassify_modes_of_postingModes of Posting
To trigger the ambassador, community user can post relevant content over the page. Ambassify contains many styles for posting.



Mobile Accessibility

The app is able to run on web browsers as well as having mobile accessibility.


Currently, the app doesn’t integrate with other apps.


Ambassify provides quick chat option on their website for the queries of the users. The site also has a video telling about the app’s motto and functionality.

Pros and Cons of Ambassify


  • Diversity of options is present for contributing as an ambassador for associated community.
  • An option of ‘help’ is there on every page of the tool to know the functionality of the corresponding page.
  • Rewarding option to the ambassadors is simply attractive for genuine users.


  • Not having enough ways to understand the app completely, lack of support system.
  • Collaboration could be added for the ambassadors.


Ambassify is a good example of word–to–mouth marketing, including keen users as the ambassadors. It lets you reach out the real consumers and import them to enhance the reputation of the product.

For more details, please visit: Ambassify website.

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