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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Top Project Management Tools Product Review- Teamdeck


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Resource management is not an easy task to accomplish each day with precise measurement. The workplace flexibility provides comfortability; however, it also introduces management issues. Indeed automatic software tools solve this to some extent, still more people prefer sheets for a designed management of workflows.

Teamdeck, a top project mangement tool for those people. It is an online platform for you and your team that provides scheduling and time tracker system for better team management. The tool shows you the spare time of your team so you can assign the current project in correct proportion by looking at the transparent calendar. One click request management is present in the app, which helps a user to handle pending requests and revert within the app. It is a completely useful platform for your business resources.

Editions and Pricing

The product is under Beta version currently, and therefore, it is free during the beta.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_teamdeck_project_managementProject management
You can see all your projects at one place including the active and inactive projects. It enlists every project your team associated with so you can have full information. Create a new project in seconds with a color code for each project. Moreover, you can see the list in a sorted order.

product_review_teamdeck_vacation_managementVacation management
As the admin, manage vacations or decide holidays for your organization. You can see vacations applications from your teammates, which will make you easy to assign jobs only during their availability. Create holiday list to inform every team member about the official breaks in a hassle free manner.

Additional features like sorting and filters can help you to get relevant data at faster rates.

The time tracker application of Teamdeck allows a user to track the time for a team member targeting overall work performance by an individual. Time tracker records each employee’s activities. These recordings appear in the timeline that further can be exported.


Schedule section is the focus of the app for a smooth resource management. It is the center for a user to assign work to a particular employee through the calendar view. With one click, book a date for a project with a resource.

The flexible scale will let you see the transparency in the schedules of your team. Manage your projects with available time slots.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, Teamdeck has no dedicated mobile app.


It allows the integration of applications like Podio, Slack, Asana, Trello, and Jira.


Teamdeck’s support includes a knowledgebase, email support, and phone support.

Pros and Cons of Teamdeck


  • Export schedule data as per the date.
  • Quickly manage requests through notification center.


  • Right click initiates the scheduled booking that lacks user-friendliness.
  • Cannot see the resource’s detail while working on the schedule framework.
  • Cannot undo deletion of any holiday.

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Teamdeck is a robust tool for resource management in the modern era. With its scheduling and time tracking widgets, it makes it easy to engage the team with better time management too.

For more details, please visit Teamdeck website.

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