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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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How the Use of Cloud Helps in Solving BYOD Challenges?

How-the-Use-of-Cloud-Helps-in-Solving-BYOD-ChallengesIf you are still unaware of the term “BYOD” meaning bring your own device, it is a process to allow your employees to bring their own devices. Slowly and gradually, BYOD is becoming a rule rather than an exception.

The remarkable change occurs due to the reason that people prefer to work from their device. According to the Tech Pro Research Study, around 80% of the organizations allow their employees to use their own devices. The reason behind is simply to improve productivity and contact employees at anywhere.

The provision of Bring your own devices comes with some real and practical issues for your business. The purpose of security and company secrets is one among the list of problems.

Cloud Works as Savior

None other than Cloud, allows you to fix your BYOD issues by shifting all the data and functioning of programs to the Cloud. The challenges of BYOD in the past have led to the prohibition of the personal devices at work. However, with the Cloud, many of the challenges are mitigated. Nature of cloud renders easy, secure and controlled access to the application of your business, anywhere and everywhere. Cloud services are designed to make your changes easy in the environment. Issues like software version are no more the case as every employee access tools from the same server. Moreover, the chances of data theft are less as moving to the Cloud is not easy as DropBox or Google Drive.

In addition to it, Cloud is an Affordable Change in Technology. With the Cloud, business change will not ask for any expensive technology nightmare. When transitioning from local IT Infrastructure Company to a Cloud infrastructure, it will take care of the purchasing, installing and upgrading of the system.

Use a DNS Firewall

One of the biggest threat while implementing BYOD can be it can lead to the arrival of threats arriving from unsecured Internet access. While employees are having access to free Wi-Fi Hotspot, they leave their devices susceptible to hacking. However, businesses can protect their critical and important information by allowing them to access the Internet only through a DNS Firewall. DNS Firewall is the best way to protect your business data from hackers.

Permissible Devices for Restricted Software

In case if your company is working in a controlled software and it is getting difficult to implement cloud, then the best workarounds can be to apply a limited BYOD policy. Ascertaining the policy within the office will allow employees to work from only the approved list of devices. Meanwhile, it encourages business to check and undermine a test for these devices so that employees can have a consistent user experience.

The Bottom Line

Since Cloud Services focuses on simplifying the technology, the developers of Cloud application provide an inbuilt experience to complete a complex task in a relaxed manner. Hence, they handle all the complexities and glitches at the back end.  The biggest benefit of the Cloud is that it can allow the organization to meet the needs of business and employee, both.

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