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Monday , May 27 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Yanado

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-YanadoProject management can be a hectic task if all the sources are not available at one place. Usually adopting a new tool for task and project management takes the time to get familiar with, to learn new functionalities and explore all the features of the tool. Yanado goes one step ahead to simplify this process by bridging the gap between a project management tool and emailing tool.

The team behind Yanado thinks that precious time is wasted while switching from email inbox to project management tool, so it has come up with chrome extension Yanado which brings all the functionalities of project management within Gmail.

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Editions and Pricing

Plan Monthly Price Annual Price Features
Startup $5/user/month $3.75/user/month Team collaboration, task management, real-time notifications, reminders, Google Drive integration, custom work status, tags, add email as a task, card, and list view, in-app support, remove email signature and team management.
Premium $12/user/month $9/user/month Startup plan features + delegated Gmail accounts, custom automated workflows, free guest users, project management specialist and dedicated support.
Enterprise Contact vendor Contact vendor Premium plan features + phone support, custom integration, and enterprise SLA

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

add new listAdd new list
Lists help you manage your projects, ideas and tasks inside Gmail. To create a new list click on add new menu button and add new jobs in it. Provide a list name, select a template and add tasks.




Yanado has kept in mind that easing users into user interface will help a lot in running this tool. Its panel built on Gmail familiar interface proves its point. Dashboard displays a clear list of what is to be done and what is completed. So you have a clear plan of work to be completed.



add new taskAdd New Task
Users can add a new task to the lists created by just clicking on add new work option and entering details. Tasks can be added to Open, Doing or Done category lists provided.




invite teammatesInvite Teammates
Yanado lets you ask teammates using their email ids with the option of setting up status, tags, and templates.




Mobile Accessibility

Android app is available, and the iOS app is launching soon.


As Yanado is a chrome extension, it integrates well with Gmail and Google Drive.


In-app support and phone support is available. The user can view guides and video tutorials to learn how to use its features.

Pros and Cons of Yanado


  • Keyboard shortcuts available.
  • Mobile support is available to keep updating your tasks on the go.
  • The tool provides list view and card view.
  • A feature of direct notifications in the Gmail.


  • Phone support available only for enterprise users.
  • It does not cover many essential project management issues.
  • It provides very limited features.


Yanado takes advantage of a user’s familiarity with Gmail interface and brings all the project management Tasks and features in the Gmail workplace. You do not need to remember another set of credentials and work on a whole new platform. Whatever work you want to manage is available to you right where your emails are.

For more details, please visit Yanado website.

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