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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top 10 Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Top-10-Tools-for-Monitoring-Your-Brand's-Online-ReputationNot only large businesses but also small business can attract blogs, news stories, social media comments, and consumer reviews. Keeping track of the happening and monitoring helps to improve the business further. Searching the company name occasionally on the browsers might not be enough. If you haven’t taken any steps to manage the online reputation of your business, it never too late to start. Here are some tools that can help you to manage the digital presence of your business.

Product Details
 logo_google_alerts Google alerts searches for the requested queries from blogs, articles and news stories that are present in the database of Google’s search engine.
 monitoring_online_reputation_socialmention Social Mention is similar to Google alerts, except that Social Mention also displays additional information like band strength, the ratio of positive to negative remarks, reach, top keywords, passion, hashtags, and sources.
 monitoring_online_reputation_tweetalarm Thousands of tweets are shared every second. Tweet search helps to search for tweets about you. However, Tweet Alarm is the best approach as it is an automatic monitoring system. It requires registration.
 monitoring_online_reputation_trackur Trackur is a tool that monitors forums, social media sites, videos, and images. The pricing for the tool starts from $97 per month.
 monitoring_online_reputation_hootsuite HootSuite helps to track social networks like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. A small fee should be paid, to access the tools. The tool is free for individuals and charges $9.99 per month.
 monitoring_online_reputation_imageraider Image Raider performs the automated reverse image search.  The user can monitor the images after adding the URL of the picture. The tool sends alert emails every time something significant is identified.
 monitoring_online_reputation_topsy Topsy is a tool that allows scanning the entire web to look for your interest. This tool has indexed all the tweets posted so far. Topsy is a great tool which goes back to 2006.
 monitoring_online_reputation_socialdraft Socialdraft is a monitoring tool that sends real-time notifications whenever a company is mentioned in web. It monitors social media sites and niche sites. The price starts with $59 per month.
 monitoring_online_reputation_chatmeter Chatmeter monitors local brand chains and franchises. The tools provide social media, reviews, search rankings and listing accuracy. The tool charges $1500 per month for companies with 20 or more locations.
 monitoring_online_reputation_reputation allows online monitoring of sites, social media management, engagement tools, reputation score and physical kiosk. The tool charges $67 per month for the self-managed program.


There are various other tools to monitor the brand’s online reputation sites. These sites may help your business, but various other sites are specific to some business and can prove to be more beneficial.

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