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Friday , May 24 2024

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10 Useful Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2018

10-Useful-Chrome-Extensions-for-SEO-in-2018An SEO expert has to be undoubtedly multi-functional throughout the day. The daily task includes a number of activities- right from organizing the content, to building links, and much more. Carrying out all these tasks manually can be a challenge and also a tiresome work all day long. At this place, technology comes to your rescue.  There are a number of Chrome plugins and extensions that can make your work easier.

Product Details
pagespeedinsightslogo-960x502 Page Speed Insights plugin keeps a check on the response time of a page. A page that loads quickly into a browser is extremely important to retain its customers. The tool very well understands this and gives you details about your page speed score to improve your performance.
Evernote The Evernote extension will directly save things from your browser right into your Evernote account. You can clip the pages you want to keep and save them directly.
SEO-SEOQuake SEO Quake is free of cost plugin that offers you the key SEO metrics. You also get to work with other useful SEO tools such as on-page SEO Audit, traffic, Audit, keywords difficulty, ads, SERP overlay, Google search console integration, and the SEO toolbar.
SEO-Moz With MOZbar, you can create custom searches, highlight links, compare link metrics, rapidly uncover page elements and keywords also getting other capable and powerful SEO tools. The tool powerfully streamlines SEO while you surf the internet.
WooRank offers in-depth SEO analysis capabilities covering mobile, SEO, Local, and Usability. This Chrome plugin offers a profound SEO report for any website. In addition, it gives a number of SEO tips that can help your website rank higher in the Google search results.
browsec Browsec is a free browser extension that permits you to spoof your IP address. In this way, you make the websites believe that you are located elsewhere. You can also encrypt your traffic and allows you to open the websites that are blocked from your access.
nofollow-100x100 NoFollow tool works best when you want to determine whether you should post on a website. NoFollow also lets you know the links you are getting from a social media site are valuable or not.
LastPass LastPass is a highly appreciated award-winning password manager that saves your passwords giving you secure access from every computer or even a mobile devise. The extension works just fine even if you are operating a ridiculous number of online accounts.
Social-media-Management-Buffer Buffer is probably the best way to share your content on social platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or any other place from anywhere on the web with just a click. The tool very efficiently schedules your Tweets and Facebook updates as you want them to be posted.


Know how your customers are interacting with your website with Google Page Analytics. These insights are useful to optimize the layout of your website. You can check the page views, the average time visitors spends on a page, in-page click analysis, bounce rates, etc.


The above extensions will help you make your SEO activity just a game of some clicks. With their extended capabilities, they have become one the of necessities for an SEO executive. Apart from the mentioned above, there are also several other tools that might help you boost your performance. It is best to adopt them in daily work activity and see the rising result graphs.

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