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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Gotcha

Marketing-Tools- Product-Review-gotchaUsers do not like to answer surveys, which affect the scope of improvement of business. Gotcha a marketing software for small business offers a platform through which you can ask simple, short, and engaging questions excitingly. Instead of long surveys, deliver micro survey questions digestible for the users.

With the app, you can create questions along with customizable look and feel. Make queries suitable for the users and set the timers, so they do not get irritated. There is no single mode of answers; you can customize the method of answering from a specific range to either yes or no. You can invite your friends and get a referral for a successful package subscription worth $5.

Moreover, the analytical capabilities of the tool present the insights of the user activity across the world to take better management of the surveys. Monitor your users in real time and receive live users statistics along with locations of 5 top customers’ countries.

Editions and Pricing

Starter Plan $0/month Up to 10 queries Up to 5000 users
Growing Plan $28/month Unlimited queries Up to 20,000 users
Pro Plan $88/month Unlimited questions Up to 200, 000 users

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The app shows you insights regarding users of your site. Here, you can track active users, users who are slipping away, and users who haven’t been there for a long time. Specifically, it gives statistics based on today’s performance so you can have the updated version of your user connectivity. Its real-time monitor capability displays live figures.

Make triggers that perform an action based on your customized condition. For example, if a user visited the site more than five times, then send him a coupon with offers. The app has customized options to create a trigger with various conditions and multiple choices over it. Based on your business strategy, activate any required triggers and increase the growth of the business.

Select queries from the categories or make customizable questions for the users to get their opinion. You can create a conditional query on another query with customized conditions or set trigger on URL associated with a query. Moreover, queries running on your site elaborates the answer rate and some arrival of the queries. You can make a new customizable query with own rules. Every question suggests its preview.

Here, you can make choices over the look and mechanism of your questions. Design section allows you to make changes in the query widget including colors of text, background, button, and more. Within the behavior section, set the behavior including the timer for a query and position of the question. Moreover, you can make changes in the notifications settings.

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Mobile Accessibility

Currently, there is no dedicated mobile app for Gotcha.


Currently, the app does not provide combination with any other app.


The support system of the app includes a knowledge base and email support.

Pros and Cons of Gotcha


  • Export list of the users.
  • It provides filters regarding users’ details.
  • Real-time
  • Templates and preview of queries.
  • Customizable query data and look.


  • It does not allow to edit the content of pre-defined queries.
  • A dedicated mobile app can be helpful.

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Gotcha makes the survey work interesting for the users with time-based short queries.

For more details, please visit Gotcha website.

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