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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Easytenants uses IoT for Property Management


How it all begun?

Parikshit, alumni of IIT Bombay, had lots of troubles finding a good flat to stay. He spent his free times after work with builders, agents, and singles and learned that the housing societies in Hyderabad the house owners were reluctant to rent out flats to a bachelor.

As a solution, bachelors either have to stay in the outskirts or stay as a paying guest. These insights swayed Parikshit to begin his start-up in the field of property management. July 2016 marked the beginning of his new start-up who was joined by the co-founder Abhimanyu Singh in August 2016.

IoT and Property Management

The initial plan of Easytenants was just simple and did not contain the quality of a world class service. The ideas evolved through technology. The IoT-enabled service involved no hustle of any paperwork. Easytenants saves the Bachelor around 4000 INR every month while it helps the landlords to outsource the property management hassles. Easytenants exploits IoT to provide its powerful features.

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What Easytenants Offers?

IoT Enabled
The tenant can remotely open the door of the house. The visitors get an OTP through which they can enter the house. Linking the mobile apps and CCTV are used to maintain security.

Basic Security

  • Digitized onboarding and verification form for tenants. In a case of any suspicious activity, an alert is given to the police.
  • Each room and a central door have a smart card access.
  • The flat entrance and common area are under CCTV camera.
  • Existing tenants are informed 2 hours before the visit of new tenants.

Enhanced Security
The security systems send SMS to the tenants and alert the security personnel if the door is open for more than 30 minutes during 8:00 PM to 7:00 AM. In case there is no response from the personnel, the area security team arrives at the flat to check on the tenants personally.

Cashless Payments

  • Rent is payable online.
  • With the help of SMS alerts, users receive the rent reminders.

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  • Landlords can easily access the profiles of the tenants.
  • Landlords and tenants can access the details of rent, receipts, services availed, etc. through the dashboards.

With a roaming profile, the tenants can enable a roaming profile to stay in Easytenants flat across other cities without any additional expense. This feature saves the hotel costs of tenants.

The Bottom Line

In the future, Parikshit plans of implementing innovative ideas. He feels that IoT is unexplored in India and that why he keeps IoT as the backbone of his business.

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