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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Best Accounting Tools Product Review – Zybra

Best Accounting Tool For small medium BusinessYou can see Top 10 Accounting Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Accounting Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Zybra, one of the best accounting tool, is comprehensive accounting software that helps you to manage all your accounting activities at one place. The application makes everything easy saving a lot of time and energy for small and medium businesses.

Editions and Pricing

Zybra offers a 30 day free trial for five companies and unlimited users. Other pricing plans are as under:

1 Year Plan ₹ 3, 000 for three companies and unlimited users
2 Year Plan ₹ 6, 000 for three companies and unlimited users
3 Year Plan ₹ 15, 000 for three companies and unlimited users

Capabilities and Supporting Set of features

The place that shows the overall summary of your Accounting along with your Receivables, Payables, Income, Banks, Expenses, etc. The panel also displays data about your cash flow, Top Expenses, Cash Runway, income and Expenses as well as Bank Details.


The contacts feature manages all your customers with the vendor contact details right at this place. The application lets you add, modify any of your contacts. You can also view their entire business transactions summary here. You can add and manage your customer contacts, search contacts, and filter contacts here.

This place lets you manage and add all your items and services. You can also add and modify your sales and purchase rates here. The inventory feature also allows you manage your stocks right inside the application.

Now you can manage all your Bank and Cash Accounts here. The feature also lets you see all the details of the Deposits and Withdrawals you made for each account. It displays bank details such as Account Name, Account Code, Account Number, Status, Settings, etc.

This feature lets you streamline your entire sales process. You can manage your estimates, and Invoices Receipts. This feature even enables you to add Credit Notes. You can directly add your views, search them and filter them as you want.

The feature also helps you streamline your entire purchase process by adding extra power to sales. You can add your purchase orders, bills, expenses, and vendor credits.

This place maintains all the chart of Accounts. The team has created the required chart of Accounts already. You can browse this section to add or delete any chart of Accounts or the Journal Entry.


This place takes care of all the fees that are involved in your business. You can configure them quickly here. You can also add individual taxes or even create tax groups.


A place where you can upload and share all the records. These can be anything from Receipts, Statements, Bills, etc. The document section lets you directly share these with your Accountant or CA.


Generate customized reports that you may need at the different stages of your business. These reports will help you dig out useful insights and information quickly and efficiently to make informed decisions.


Mobile Accessibility

Mobile apps are available for the tool that can help you stay connected and updated anytime anyplace.


Zybra currently does not integrates with any external platforms.


Although the website is quite informative, the application offers online chat support.

Pros and Cons of Zybra


  • A comprehensive tool is taking care of your all accounting activities.
  • Along with account management, it also works as a receipt manager saving a lot of time and efforts.


  • Integration with any cloud platform is missing that can help you quickly pull in details.

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  • Accounting and inventory management capabilities, both at one platform.
  • An efficient way to manage customer and vendor credits making it easy to maintain business relations.

For more details, please visit the Zybra website.

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