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Monday , April 15 2024

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Business intelligence Tools Product Review- Simply Insight

BI Tools Product Review - SimplyInsightsData visualizations and Data tracking is something an organization may struggle with if efficient and effective tools are not adopted. SimplyInsight is one of the best business intelligence for small business tool such tool that can help you discover insights about your business by analyzing data in the best possible way.

The tool connects with your online data sources via API to integrate and pull in all the necessary data that needs to be analyzed. SimplyInsight also has capabilities to audit data to ensure the organization is tracking down the right things. Easy to use dashboards and visualizations makes it easy to use the application.


Editions and Pricing

The Editions and Pricing Details are as under

Free Free
Premium $499

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

SimplyInsight-DashboardThe Dashboard
The tool offers an easy to understand and use Dashboard, which gives access to all the features of the application. The user can integrate platforms and receives notification right inside the dashboard without having to browse through the application.



SimplyInsight-IntegrationsIntegration with Data stores and Social platforms
The application integrates with many platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Accounts to pull-in necessary data and information to draw insights.




SimplyInsight-FlexibleDataVisualizationFlexible Data Visualizations
The tool has flexible data visualizations help users to work with the tool quickly. Users can share and pin items with teams and receive notifications as well for a particular task.




SimplyInsight-DataDoesentHaveToBeCumbersomeThe Data doesn’t have to be cumbersome
The dashboard of the tool is fully customizable and lets its users quickly finds what is important and what matters the most for the organization. The tool also favors an Android and iOS app making it more flexible to use.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available on Android and iOS devices making it easy to access the company insights on the go.


The tool integrates with platforms such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Shopify, Mail chimp, Mix Panel and much more.


The tool offers the facility of instant chat support for all users. The tool also has dedicated Blogs section and a Contact us page if the users face any issues working with the application.

Pros and Cons of SimplyInsights


  • Integration with many platforms leaves no area untouched.
  • Highly customized dashboards make it easy to use the way we want.
  • Sharing and Pinning items make it easy to point out important things.
  • Schedules and Notification area make the tool more efficient to use.


  • It takes a long time to process data when integrated with the channels.
  • Integrations with data stores such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. would help a lot pulling in more data for analysis.

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  • Integrations with many platforms assist in the quick analysis.
  • Scheduling and Notification features add value to the application.

For more details, please visit SimplyInsight website.

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