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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Product review- Conseris

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Conseris is here to help you collect, organize and manage your data from anywhere. This is a highly powerful web-based data collection tool that lets you collect data anytime. The drag and drop interface, customizable data sets and sharing the data set among team member functionalities makes it one of the most preferable collaboration and Business Intelligence tool for an organization.

Pricing and Editions

Conseris offers a 30 days free trial to all its users. The pricing plans for the product are:

Solo $12 per month
Team $20 per month
Enterprise Contact vendors for pricing

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard: This place shows all your projects, say datasets. The dashboard helps to better manage these datasets having filters for all datasets, the ones you created, and the ones that are shared with you. You can also create new datasets right from this place.

Creating Unlimited Datasets: Conseris allows you to create as many datasets as you like within your monthly plan. Each dataset can be created differently with different fields as and when required. You can also clone your datasets with one click, or create different sets of fields for each new dataset.

Design your own Data Structure: With Conseris, you can create your data structure the way you like to. The application lets you add fields in the format you want the information you want to be filled in. The application also allows you to add new fields to the existing datasets to keep them organized. The input field options are:

  • Text input
  • Multiple choices
  • Multi-Select
  • Number Input
  • Photo
  • Location
  • Linked Dataset
  • Incrementing Number, etc.

Gather Data from Anywhere:  Now feed data directly into the web application form anywhere anytime. You can also install a mobile application into your mobile devices to access the tool on the fly. The most exciting part of this feature is, you can add unlimited contributors and grant them access rights to your dataset with a simple code.

Explore what you have Found: Generate reports the way you want, with details you want and in the angle you want with the Explore option. This is the place that centralizes all your data giving all the insights you need.

External Integrations

The application currently does not integrates with any other external platforms.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on all mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iPhone.


  • Online live chat
  • FAQ section

Pros and Cons


  • Import and export to the CSV format makes the data collection and management flexible.
  • Explore option to see insights in the way you want gives a clear picture of the nature of data collected.


  • An integration with cloud platforms can help to pull in more data from other sources too.

Key Differentiators

  • Sharing of datasets with team members can increase flexibility and collaboration for the team.
  • Flexible reporting can help you pull out more details about your data.

For more details, please visit the Conseris website.

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