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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product Review: ContactinBio

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Instagram and other media platforms are the exclusive ways to promote your business to your target audience. However, it becomes frustrating that despite numerous followers and likes on pages, you find it difficult to convert the traffic into profit. To solve such problems, you can choose ContactinBio to help you in converting your followers into a developing customer base. The tool assigns micro landing pages to your social media accounts or pages. Additionally, it lets you attach the infinite number of links and eight types of blocks to the landing page, which further customizes the theme, logo, and design of the company.
The eight types of block encompass information, limited to social media images, buttons, links, text, video, and contact forms, particularly when you require Instagram contact form.

Overview of the Features

  • Create a custom bio link and social media links
  • Custom page design
  • Email sign up block
  • Link thumbnail and priority link animation
  • Facebook pixel, font selection, google analytics, custom video background, and online store and products
  • Edit link’s size, font, text color, and link background-color
  • Adding video, images, image carousel, text, music service links, and payment links.

Editions and Pricing

ContactinBio offers tree trial for the starter and provides various services. It provides services such as custom profiles, imports your links from Linktree, provides social media buttons, WhatsApp button, contact form, music service, 7 free themes, complete customization of your text, links, and buttons colors styles, and others. However, you need to pay a nominal price for other professional services. The pricing policy includes the following plan:

Users Monthly Yearly Lifetime
Business $7 per month $4 per month $91 for lifetime
Agency $28 per month $21 per month $273 for lifetime

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Edit: As soon as u make an account and log in to the tool, it will take you to the dashboard showing the edit page. Here you can add new block and can select a block from different options provided in order to create your micro landing page. The center part of the screen will show you the preview of your page. If will further provide you the options to select or change the theme, set video background, upgrade to business.

Inbox: The inbox feature will show you your leads and contact details. The details will be provided to you in three different forms including Excel, CSV, and PDF. Furthermore, it will show you emails subscribed with email sign up block.

Affiliate: Here you can check your referral partner link. You can see your available balance. The affiliate part also lets you see your registered users. It will provide you the option to write the account, name, time, date, and subscription of your users. Furthermore, you can also have a look at your paid users through this feature.

Statistics: The statistics part will show you the figures and graphs of the daily visit of the visitors on your page. It will provide information regarding the blocks, their types, and clicks. It will give you the detailed statistics of the visitor’s country, language, time, and date.

Additional Features: The additional features will give you different options to upgrade the page to business, setup wizard, select template, FAQ, knowledgebase, payments, and import from Linktree. Furthermore, it provides the option to upload and edit your profile picture, to make further settings in the profile, and log in and log out option. Moreover, there are two additional options on every page showing buttons for chat and notification.

Mobile Accessibility

ContactinBio is not available on devices such as tabs or smartphones.


  • Online Chat
  • Help Centre
  • Contact Us Page


ContactinBio has integrations with Facebook Pixel and Mail chimp.

Pros and Cons of ContactinBio


  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable when you purchase a biz upgrade.
  • Chat and email help is responsive
  • Great and unique domain instead of a link.
  • Along with links, you can add text, images, social media links, videos, messengers, and payment links.
  • It can create a miscellaneous link on a website that helps in meeting the preferences.


  • No option to customize the contact button.
  • The user interface is not very attracting


  • In-depth analytics of clicks and visitors
  • Update twitter card description, page title, and favicon
  • Change apple-touch-icon
  • 4 domain names to choose:,,, or

For further details, please visit the ContactinBio Website.

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