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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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3 Ways Integration is Enabling The Factory of The Future

3-Ways-Integration-Is-Enabling-The-Factory-of-The-FutureThe real-time integration platforms in the running of business provide a significant impact on the results. Such intelligent objects like SAP and Salesforce connect various systems of an enterprise. Factory of the Future hence, mentioned by the life cycle of a product in the manufacturing companies.

APIs (Application Programmer Interface) plays a significant role and act as the intermediate layer to run efficient Factory of the Future. Manufacturing networks need to grasp the most valuable APIs for efficient Factory of the Future. Following are how integration enables the Factory of the Future.

Value Chains enabling Integration Intelligence

Value chains support the Factories of the Future when greater intelligence takes place in the integration. As a result, new technologies are accustomed to delivering effective lean management and its advantages. With such an impact on the real-time assimilation, substantial benefits and effects are formed with thin management, modular line setups, predictive maintenance, and the collaboration of robots. Thus, real-time integration proceeds to the factory of future with efficient management.

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Improving the Product Quality

Most of the global manufacturing companies need to look for new areas that can improve the quality of the product, process, and service. The improvement must not consider increased cost with the quality range. Real-time integration can be used to extract aggregated data, which can be used by Big Data and advanced analytics to find a new pattern to shine in the market. Product quality is the ultimate advantage of the most popular manufacturers in the world. Famous companies like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch use software with advanced analytical scope and power. Such integration of the analytics understand the trends and accordingly evaluate the results. These results are forwarded directly to the operators so the process can be improved and achieving success.

Multi-directional Layouts within manufacturing systems

Real-time integration can be involved in delivering flexible successful results. Audi adopted the similar concept to make most out of the multidirectional flexibility to build the customized vehicles. With the real-time integration across the Audi, the factory will provide the best ways of collaboration and production towards highest quality of products. Also, this will replace the time consumed time with the shortest period. In such manner, real-time integration is also providing a driverless transport system and the assembly body of the car move, which is guided by a laser scanner and technology dedicated to radio identification in the floor of the car.

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The solution does not affect the existing production, however, extensive field mapping between various systems with the error-prone process. Another technology provider eliminates the field mapping supporting bi-directional data updates.

The Bottom Line

The factory of future shows the way to enhance the production process in manufacturing. With real-time integration inclusion in the operations of the product and service, it enables the factory of future in accomplishing original productions. From value chain support, better quality designs, with multidirectional layouts without changing the existing output, real-time assimilation acquires beneficial manufacturing decisions in business.

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