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Thursday , July 18 2024

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6 Steps to Growth Hack Your Keyword Research

6-Steps-to-Growth-Hack-Your-Keyword-ResearchThe space of SEO is never untouched without the concepts of keyword research . It is probably because your business is not going rise on the growth graph if you do not use the right keywords. The super long keywords may make you miss out the traffic, and if you go for the competitive keywords, you may never going to rank high.

Well, the trick is to align all these things together to make your business rise and achieve your revenue goals. The keywords research should answer the question like what does your audience want? and what are they looking for?.These can be searched with the help of growth hacking apps

Here are six steps that can help you to growth hack your keyword research.

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Step 1: Understanding the three types of keywords

These belong to the different stages of the funnel.

Top of funnel keyword: informational words such as (step by step, the best way to, a guide to, etc.).

Middle of funnel keyword: these are the ones that are solution seeking (how to stop, that works, ways to fix, etc.).

Bottom of funnel keyword: they focus on the higher buyer intent (best prices, affordable, where can I buy, order, etc.).

The trick is to identify the right keywords to target on all the three levels. Also, you need to make on-page SEO changes as required. The number of keywords generally depends on the size of the website and the budget.

Step 2: Decide which keywords to focus on

The business in which you are dealing with requires different types of keywords for different types and sizes of business. For example, if you are going for a big project that needs a long terms audience, it is better to go for the top and the middle funnel keywords. But if you are only creating an SEO campaign, it would be better to target the bottom of funnel keywords.

Step 3: Set Goals

When it comes to keyword ranking, it is essential to set up goals. These goals are aligned with the business that we are dealing with, and what type of traffic do we want to pull to our online presence. Well, all these aspects lead to the things to consider to generate good revenue.

Step 4: Find Competition

It is best to find competition in the market. The best approach is to see sites that are ahead of us and make efforts to reach up to their level. This also depends on where you are starting. If you are a beginner, it is better to look for smaller sites. There are a lot of tools to find them and make progress in this way.

Step 5: Work on the SEO

Once you identify what your competitors are working at, start working on the SEO. This all involves observing your URL structure, watching the traffic patterns, digging out keywords that are giving them the most significant spikes in traffic, tracking down the influencers, and much more.

Step 6: Final step to Rank High

Now its time to put your keywords to work. Although the big sites are too fast in developing and dumping the content, it is not that difficult to beat them. A little brainstorming can help you achieve that.

The Bottom Line

This is the time to put your plan into action and achieve your desired goal. This is one of the best processes as this merely does not depend on the content, but some other things to help you achieve high.

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