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Friday , April 19 2024

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How Web Hosting Services Can Accelerate Your E-commerce Business

Ecommerce businesses have been the ones that have generated the maximum revenue over the past year. Many of the small eCommerce companies have understood the potential of their business reach and are doing their best to achieve success.Web hosting services for e-commerce business plays an important role.

While there are several things that can make or break an eCommerce business, it is better that you make sure your technical aspects of the business are all in place and aligned with your business strategy. It is believed that the success of an eCommerce business is dependent on the ways in which it is hosted. Making the choice of the right hosting solution is the best way to run your eCommerce business. The task of selecting the right hosting solution might need a lot of research. Still, there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind.

Secure Web Hosting

Not ensuring the security of your web hosting solution will make your business website vulnerable to hackers. Also, as your business is an eCommerce website, it will store customer’s personal data and information which is highly valuable for both you and your customers. Thus it becomes highly important to reassure that all this data and information is secure. Opting for the cheapest option for the host that offers the lowest level of security might not be the right option for you.

Before making a choice of reliable web hosting solution, you must ensure that they provide a high level of security to you. The best options for you can be GoDaddy and BlueHost. These can be expensive for you but rather will offer the best online security of your data and critical information.


Before going for the external integrations, it is time to identify what type of integrations are you looking for in your eCommerce website. These integrations can bring you extra support, such as payment gateways or shopping cart integrations. There are several hosting solutions that provide multiple plugins and integrations to easily implement the payment systems and the shopping cart options. These integrations might only be provided by hosting service that costs a little higher than the regular ones.

Not choosing the hosting service that does not provide you with customizable integrations might lead to outsourcing it, which can be extra money to spend. Also, as an eCommerce brand, you might also need some upselling options with your cart, which might be available only with some selected plugins.


Downtime is the duration of time for which the server goes offline for usually maintenance or updates. Downtime is a popular term which resurfaces when some of the biggest eCommerce websites face issues and have to bring down the servers to optimize operations. Another reason for the downtime is the sudden presence of high traffic over the website, which slows down its processing time and becomes quite daunting for eCommerce businesses. Such situations are bad, and very few websites are able to recover from such a situation.

The best way to avoid such a situation is to research and find out the hosting services that have the shortest downtime. There are certain web hosting services that go the extra mile to coordinate with you on your low traffic times and schedule downtimes so that you do not lose your traffic and face a business loss on an important day.


Waiting for the products to load is one of the worst experience a customer faces. Pages or images that do not load on time makes the customers frustrated. They might not have enough patience to wait and will quickly go over to another website. It is estimated that a short delay of even 3 seconds can lead about 57% of the customers to abandon your website. You must thus note that the speed with which your website loads is also highly connected with your hosting services. It is thus important to consider this aspect while selecting your hosting service.

A good hosting service will help you explore all the market possibilities. It will also help you to make informed decisions for the expansion and growth of your business.


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