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Sunday , July 14 2024

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10 Best Tools for Startup Launch

10-Best-Tools-for-Startup-LaunchEvery business starts with some idea, but not every company can convert the thought to money. It is an entirely different story to start work on any idea and take it to success. For any startup, it is important how they handle the work they do and what kind of tools they use to deal with different types of work. The below-listed tools can ease the work and save a lot of time and money for any startup.


Product Details
Project_management_Wrike Managing any project is a critical task in any company, and so it is important to work with a proper project management tool. Wrike is one such tool used by many businesses around the globe. The basic plan is free and is more than enough for any start-up to work. The tool provides capabilities for task management, collaboration, and file sharing.
searchmetrics-logo In today’s world, everything is online and in such case, search engine optimization becomes very crucial. SearchMetrics is an SEO solution that is used by leading companies. For a start-up, the “SeacrhMetrics Essentials” product suits best and costs $69/month.
paypal logo Online transactions is no more a service, instead, has become a primary need. In such, it is necessary to use a current service provider. PayPal, being the most popular service around the globe can be the best choice for any start-up. PayPal allows to send and receive money quickly, setup recurring payment systems and subscriptions, create an invoice and much more. PayPal does not demand any monthly fee. However, a percentage of the transaction goes to the service. PayPal provides an offer for bulk deals.
Blogging app _wordpress WordPress is leading website creation option and free software. Often associated with blogs, this tool is less professional for projects. However, many corporate companies are using it to create their sites. Any non-technical person can work on it just by downloading the suitable theme or template.
SEO-Google-Analytics Google Analytics is a free Google product tool and is used to analyze traffic to any website. The tool can track the location, identifies the devices used to visit the site, keep the count of pages visited the most, the amount of time spent and much more critical data. The tool also provides advanced options like tracking downloads, clicks,   video plays and much more.
Social-media-Management-hootsuite Social media has helped start-ups reach a huge number of crowd in a fraction of time and cost. HootSuite is a tool that helps in managing social profiles. The start-ups can use HootSuite to schedule updates, set up target specific keyword search, monitoring competitors and much more social media related task.
Email-marketing-getresponse Email management becomes critical for a start-up to keep the customers updated and to convert leads to customers. GetResponse gives unlimited emails with a cost of $15 per month for 100 subscribers. GetResponse allows designing opt-in forms, integrating social media profiles, viewing the profiles of customers, creating segments and lots more.
Unbounce-logo Unbounce is a tool to validate any idea. Unbounce allows creating landing pages to test ideas. A user can alter text, tags, call to actions and many more things with unbounce. The tool provides mobiles responsive templates, A/B testing, and email integration. The starting plan costs $49 per month with a free trial for 30 days.
pcloud-logo Since the innovation of cloud technology, the world has started turning Cloud. It becomes necessary for any business to save and secure their data a cloud storage that is easily accessible and safe. pCloud is one of the best options for start-ups to store and access their data from anywhere on any device. The tool allows the option even to secure relevant file by encrypting them.
quickbooks_logo QuickBooks, being one of the most popular software for accounting and taxes, is web-based and works on many devices. It is easy to set up and provides features for tracking sales and expenses. It starts with a basic plan of $15 per month.


These tools are not the only tools out in the market for a startup. You can choose from a wide range of tools according to your business that has zero investment negligible cost.

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