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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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3 Mobile Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2018

3-Mobile-Marketing-Trends-to-Focus-on-in-2017The year 2016 brought a significant revolution in the mobile world. People started to use a smartphone in a huge amount even more than the web browser to connect to the internet. Usage of the network has made it necessary for businesses to make their presence on the mobile platform. Here we are going to discuss mobile marketing trends you need to follow in the year 2017 to watch your business grow.

Make it visible on Mobile search

With most of the people searching things on their mobile devices, it is necessary that you make your business visible on these devices using mobile marketing. It is critical for you to make a place in the google search list so that you can come into the eyes of the customers. Not only this, but your website also should be responsive- that means, it should automatically adjust itself for the mobile devices. Responsiveness also helps a business to rank high and save you from losing your customers. Searching works best if you identify your search keywords and use them intelligently.

Enable Mobile Payments

People have become comfortable than ever going for the mobile payment options. If your business is not ready for online mobile payments, it is better that we make it. Many social networks today are using the “Buy” button including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

For example, you have researched for a washing machine over the internet but yet did not make a purchase, Facebook will suggest some of them with a “buy now” option directly in the news feed. This might get you buy it as soon as you find a good one.

Having a mobile payment option is, therefore, necessary for you to have that can immediately make your visitor convert into a customer. This feature has observed to be a major contributor in increasing the company sales.

Mobile App

Researchers found that about 72 per cent of people check their mobile phones once in an hour.  Also, the overwhelming number of hours are spent in between the apps. Having a mobile app is something you need to have now. Not only they are convenient to use, but they also increase engagement, making the process of data flow flexible, and, open new ways to connect with your audience.

Mobile apps are not as inexpensive as they seem to like and are significant contributors even to the smallest of companies spreading awareness about your business.

The Bottom Line

2017 will surely be the year with mobile devices as rulers. If you do not have a mobile presence yet, make it a priority to go for and create your mobile marketing strong.

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