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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Activatr

Marketing-tools-product-review-activatrMarketing and Sales have become one of the primary necessities for any product. Almost all the business have gone online as people like to have a look at the company’s website before they buy a product or avail any service.

Email marketing is one of the top and best marketing campaigns for business. A well-composed email that is pitched perfectly with links and images to the products and service helps in promoting a sale or an offer to add a considerable revenue to the business. Many online tools can help a business to grow exponentially and generate a healthy revenue. One among such products is Activatr.

Editions and Pricing

The tool is currently in Beta version and will be releasing its pricing policy soon.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Activatr-DashboardThe Activatr Dashboard
One of the most powerful features that almost every tool now offers is an interactive and easy to use dashboard. Users can start creating their email campaigns right away as soon as they reach their dashboards.



Activatr-CreateCampaignCreate Campaigns
You can immediately create new campaigns as soon as you log into the tool. The tool gives a short description of the phases a Campaign goes through before you get started. The campaign is composed of steps such as Basics, Story, Posts, Perks, and Launch.



Activatr-CreatePostCreate Post
Once you start building a campaign, you need a post to publish via a social channel or an email that reaches people. A post can be created right in a campaign, and you can select a network to publish it.




Activatr-CreateYourPerksCreate Your Perks
Many businesses offer additional rewards for every social promotion its user makes. Perks can be in the form of discounts, products, services, tickets, experiences or recognitions.




Activatr-LaunchingTheCampaignLaunching the Campaign
As soon as your campaign is filled with all the necessary details and connected through social channels, you can start the campaign. The tool also displays a calendar showing all the events and helps you to launch the campaign on a perfect day to make the tasks satisfied.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is not available across mobile devices currently but is expected to launch on Android and iOS platforms as it grows out of the Beta version.


The application integrates with tools that directly hits people’s attentions, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Emails.


The tool is built in a manner that no user finds it difficult to use. Every section of the application provides a short description right at the work area, and additional links are offered with easy to read and understand handbooks. Other than this, the app also supports online lice chat right inside the tool. The tool also has a FAQ section that answers all the common doubts users have and tries to resolve all queries.

Pros and Cons of Activatr


  • Easy to use and furnished with a strong support system.
  • The tool follows an organized series of steps to form a campaign which makes it easy to use.


  • The app takes too long to update the feature image while creating a campaign.
  • Social integration across LinkedIn also would have added value to the product.


  • Rewards for brand promotion and customer engagement.
  • Simultaneous brand advertising across Social channels along with emails.

For more details, please visit  Activatr website.

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