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Monday , June 24 2024

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3 Ways Smart Devices Are Changing the Workplace

3-Ways-Smart-Devices-Are-Changing-the-WorkplaceImagine near future without smart devices, or worst – your workplace without a computer device. That is depressing, isn’t it? Well, the happy part is there is no need to imagine this because the following time will have more smart devices and their implementation, overlaying the traditional ways.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of technology. Intel anticipated that from 2 billion IoT capable objects in 2006 we are moving towards 200 billion ones by 2020; that equates it to about 26 smart devices for each human being. With the massive capabilities it is bringing in everyone’s lives, it would be interesting to throw lights on IoT ‘s implementation and impact on office work culture too:

Transparency in Work culture

Smart devices help us, we all are dependent on them for our one or more task. With advancement in future, IoT will bring more clarity between man and machine. Man will be able to track all the business parts in real time due to IoT. For example, in particular zones thermostats sets itself on zero to detect how much energy has spent and when. Smartly manufactured pipes that alert the management of a building when they leak.

The smart devices and their decisions will affect the workplace to a great extent, as we will have to make minimum modifications. Learning from inhabitants, the smart buildings will automatically transform into the perfect environment. Tools, factories and vehicles will all be connected and will be able to report their locations. Moreover, this active and maximum hold of control will result in the generation of lower utility cost in workplace favor.

Data Insights to Information Binding

It is the smart technology, which can provide data that human cannot retrieve quickly, or that is above human’s capability. The relevant solution occurs to extract information from devices and make use of insights incorporating improvised decisions. Decisions that will be practical, useful, and secure where data will be the key. Imagine a retail store where the shelves have bright beacons. It triggers coupons every time a customer pass by a product shelve. Or track the path of a customer in the store, identifying the more traffic zone and the least one. We can improve customer experience based on this data.

Enterprise IoT tech company Enlighted has created a solution aimed at space optimization. Instead of traditional lightings, the company uses LED fixtures that track the activities within the building and glow lights where the employees spend the most time. These are the smart changes about which we are talking. Offices and buildings will be using such data to make most out of limited stuff, leading both space and resource utilization.

Secure Work Environments

IoT’s present and futuristic contributions are exceptional for human health too. Smart devices assure the safety of each employee. How? We are even using it every day, Biometrics technology. Currently, many offices are using biometric entries to allow an employee inside the building by testing his physical characteristic. Another example could be of Wearable devices that can capture and share advanced biotelemetry data such as wearer’s heartbeat and respiration. Detection of any abnormality in data will help in saving a life, and this would be an example of the incredible power of IoT.

The Bottom Line

It is only the smart technology that is making everyone connected and updated with internal as well as the external world. The workplace is changing, and becoming more secure and manageable due to Smart devices.

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