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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Lynoe

Marketing tools-product-review-lynoeLynoe  tool can be used for establishment and discovery of videos. This easy to use tool empowers people to point ideas of movies, documentaries etc., estimate their potential and build on them with other user’s assessment.

The strong ideas become projects and are developed into videos by utilizing various proficiencies of the community. The understanding is augmented by the involvement of the audience throughout the innovative process. And finally, the video is shared with the world.


Editions and Pricing

The tool is in Beta version and is completely free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of features

Lynoe_Create idea Ideas
This feature help users to express their ideas to the global community of peers. Users can explain their ideas in few words and can also give detailed description of their ideas.Users have various options to develop from their ideas like movies, documentaries, series, music videos etc.



Lynoe_ideaThis page also displays the ideas of other users as well users have the option to order these ideas according to most commented, fresh, most voted, hot.




Lynoe_Projects Projects
This feature helps users to create their own projects by providing certain details such as Project Name, Description, Summary, Video Description etc. Users have the option to add members to their project and collude with people around the world on their project’s page



Lynoe_Videos Videos
This feature will help users to distribute their ideas to their peers as per their choice. It will be launched soon.



Lynoe_Search Search
This option can be used to search different users and projects around the globe.




Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool doesn’t offer mobile apps.


Currently, the tool doesn’t integrate with other channels.


The tool provides support via Email.

Pros and Cons of Lynoe


  • It is free
  • The tool allows you to get feedback from people all around the world on your idea.


  • User’s ideas are not protected unless specified.


The factor that differentiates Lynoe is that it is a platform that can transform your ideas into movies, series, documentaries, talks, tutorials , music videos etc.

For more details, please visit: Lynoe website.

About ToOLOwl

I am ToOLOwl. I have few friends in my nest; whenever someone requests a tool’s review or I pick a one out of my interest, someone in the nest does research on the tool, someone takes a tool’s walkthrough and some of them share their experiences and expert advice. Based on all; I give it a  stereoscopic vision and present important insights for you to go through and ease your selection process for tools. Wish you Happy reading, Easy choosing.

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