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Friday , April 12 2024

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Aadharshila’s Portable Hardware for Printing

Aadharshila’s-portable-printerTo pursue her entrepreneurial dream an Electronics Engineer Kavita Aggarwal quitted her job in London at an IT multinational firm. And that spirit led her to start Aadharshila. A Noida based company launched in March 2015 unleashing a handheld hardware to print bills instantly via mobile devices serving a reliable and quick connection.

While working for E-Challan project for the Pune Police Department, the product was designed as a part of operational devices. Kavita Aggarwal with the team of 10 people, engineers, marketing, and customer support personnel manufactured SCRYBE, a Bluetooth-enabled wireless Portable Thermal Printer, made for mobile point of sale bill or receipt printing applications. It has been designed for seamless functioning with standard mobile platforms such as Blackberry, Android, Win-CE, and Symbian forming Aadharshila Mobility Solutions.

The meaning of name ‘Aadharshila’ is Foundation Stone. And so is the fundamental logic of the company’s product generating engineering designs into reality. Kavita considers it as a game changer in the field of bill generating. Their very first attempt was made in January 2013. Though, after adding better functionality to the tool, it was 2015 when it came to notice.


Kavita Aggarwal (36 now) has completed her engineering in Electronics from Delhi University. She has done Masters in Computer Applications from IMT Ghaziabad. Followed by a brief stint at AEM, Kavita completed her MBA in 2009 from the University of Leeds (UK) where she was awarded the Student of the Year scholarship. Before starting up this company she worked in Oracle in Reading (UK). With excellent performance in academics, Kavita also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Indian Classical Vocal Music from the University Of Lucknow..

Usage of Product

SCRYBE is a handy tool which makes it a unique printer amongst those big and bulky ones. It is a convenient and portable device for receipt generation at anytime, anywhere working seamlessly with any wired/wireless handheld/desktop computer or handset/tablet/phone. Being an Indian company it understands the air of India, therefore, the team has made the printer for open, dusty with rough handling. With easy charging battery, it could be charged even when in use. Even the paper roll used is easily changeable. Other fascinating accessories can be purchased along with the printer to keep it safe and stylish. The company provides time to time service to the customers and also look for the repairs efficiently.

The product is capable of serving its operation in business those needs a bill like electricity, water, cable TV bills and home-delivery services like food, laundry services, online shopping portals, paid parking lots, post-paid mobile billing etc. Some of their clients are Maruti Suzuki, Dominos, Essel Group, Enzen Global, Paper Boat, Patanjali, and Snapbizz, Nestle.

The company is able to price the product competitively as they have complete knowledge of designing and manufacturing it. They deserve a significant cost over the products those parts are imported and assemble printers in India.

Competition and Plans Ahead

Aadharshila crossed 2 crore revenue in their first year. At present, the company is serving seven large and rapidly growing market sectors, including retail, utility billing, logistics, healthcare, financial services, paid parking and foods. They are planning to move in the direction of serving government purposes targeting to touch double revenues in the coming year.

Other players in the industry included Datalogic, Maestro and Evolute, who import semi knocked down (SKD) kits from China and assemble the printers in India. Brands such as Epson and HP are also great players in the field. Aadharshila faces a competition with these giant players regarding distribution channels, reach and support infrastructure across the country.

The Bottom Line

The company is now bootstrapped and Kavita is looking for potential investors for Aadharshila. Her team is going to upgrade their processor from ARM-7 to Cortex Core M-3. Their engineers are implementing advance additions to the product, including RFID readers for reading Delhi-Metro Rail-Cards, Wi-Fi capability, near-field communication technology and other smart card reader options. Also, Kavita is planning on setting up service centers and sales offices in various locations in India, regions where they have larger deployments of their printers, like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore, providing more access to existing customers.

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