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Monday , May 27 2024

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top HR software product Review- BlinkEval

HR-Tools-Product- review-BlinkevalBlinkEval is one of the top hr software also a staff performance management system that provides real time performance feedback of individual employees. BlinkEval is a Chicago based company founded in 2015. It addresses the common challenges that the existing performance review processes face like infrequent feedback (which normally occurs once a year), wastage of employees’ time in filling out the lengthy forms (which is not worthy of the little value it gives), expense limitations complexities involved with implementing technology solutions to facilitate feedback.

BlinkEval follows an intuitive approach to solve these problems with real-time feedback. It provides regular feedback, keeps the employees more engaged and increases productivity and employee retention.

Editions and Pricing

The app is available for free if you have the “Individual account”. In this, you can provide feedback for a meeting or view the feedbacks and ratings given to you by others, but you won’t get the benefit of viewing feedbacks given to others. For that you will have to buy the “Company account”, which will cost you $2 per user per month. The plan is available for a 30 day free trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

It has a dashboard where HR Managers can see all the employee performance data. This includes the number of employees that are exceeding expectations along with those who are falling short. This way you can determine your top performers in real time. Also, you can find out if there are some employees who need extra coaching.



BlinkEval_EmpoyeeRatingsEmployee Ratings
The managers can give ratings for the meeting effectiveness and also leave notes or select from the predefined notes. It allows employees to review feedback in real time, which includes ratings and comments and also direct reports from their colleagues.



The frequency of feedbacks to be prompted can be customized by the users to be displayed on a monthly or weekly basis.




The User Interface is simple and intuitive. It allows you to provide feedback in under 15 seconds. The intuitive interface lets you use it without any extensive training.


Mobile Accessibility

The BlinkEval interface is optimized for most of the mobile devices. You can easily access and use the home page and the application from your smartphone or tablet. To add the BlinkEval icon to your home screen of the mobile device, Android users can click on the browser menu and select the option “Add to Home Screen”, while, iPhone users can click on the share button and select the “Add to home screen icon”.


BlinkEval_IntegrationBlinkEval provides calendar integration with Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365, so, you can automatically import your meetings into it.




Pros and Cons of BlinkEval


  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Enables employees to see real time feedbacks without any lengthy reports.
  • Easy identification of employees who exceed the expectations and those who fall short of it.


  • Works well if you want quick and easy feedbacks from peers and managers, but not if you want a more detailed performance analysis relative to set goals.

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BlinkEval enables you to provide frequent real-time feedbacks to your employees saving your organization the time and efforts involved with traditional Performance Management Systems.

For more details, please visit: BlinkEval Website.

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