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Sunday , March 3 2024

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CRM Tools Product Review- Teamleader

CRM-Tools-Product-review-TeamleaderTeamleader is one of the best CRM system for small business is an online solution for CRM, invoicing and project planning. It tracks the path of the customer from initial to payment stage, keeping an expert eye. It keeps track of sales, invoices, calls, meetings, schedules to manage them conveniently. The tool is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses, giving them the opportunity to expand more and become more powerful.



Editions and Pricing

[For 2 users]

  • Free – $0 for 14 days
  • Subscription – $25/month with additional charges as:
    CRM: $25/month
    Invoicing: $25/month
    Projects: $50/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

A user can manage contacts efficiently here with many options present to have a clean collaborative contact list. These contacts can be linked to companies to know their positions precisely. The addition of new connections is made by assigning them a tag such as a client, seller, customer, etc. At the same time setting a call or a meeting with the contact can be done in less time.


With the help of Calendar view, the user can locate things on the exact date. Managing tasks, meetings, and phone calls, synchronize with outlook and office 365 is done quickly. Google calendar with integrated Google map finds the journey time and when to book a meeting over the different place.


The invoices are online for the strong bond. In case, if a client doesn’t pay on time, an automatic warning is generated addressing the user. The user is allowed to set a limit for un-invoiced time. Through these invoices, online payments are done, which can be linked to the account easily.



Teamleader_Sales_ManagementSales Management
Teamleader fluently manages customer interaction with the user and team. It provides offers or quotes via email to the customers. Any new deal can be made at any time to reach the goal. Also, the user can set goals for employees and check it out to have a track.



Teamleader_Project_ManagementProject Management
The app provides incredible functionality to track the time and money spent on a project which will help to keep the project within budget. The overview of work is monitored by the reports.




Teamleader_Gantt_ChartGantt Charts are present to have a close follow-up on schedules. Employees of a company can work together to collaborate better on every task and plan.




Using tickets any customer can bring the queries to support employees of the enterprise. Each ticket is assigned to an employee for taking it further. Every bit of time spent on a ticket is sent to the client via CRM module.




Teamleader_Time_TrackingTime Tracking
It records the time duration of a task to get completed. There are Time sheets which provide a summary of recorded time on each module further; these sheets are available to download. Invoices are also tracked to measure performance.



Teamleader_Voice_CallsVoice Calls (VoIP)
Teamleader automatically records calls and links for the user, making them accessible for later use. The user can Call back to connect with any customer. Teamleader allows to buy new telephone numbers online with Teamleader voice to interact with foreign clients with local numbers.


Mobile Accessibility

The app is available as a mobile app, so it is convenient for both web and mobile platforms.


Teamleader integrates with most popular apps like Google account, Dropbox, iCloud, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Office365, KerioConnect, VoipCenter, Outlook, stripe, and Mollie.


A user can get support via phone call and email.

Pros and Cons of Teamleader


  • Simple processes for invoices and management
  • Time tracking of tasks enhances productivity
  • Scheduling is quick.
  • Calling client effortlessly.


  • Reminders are missing.
  • No format file other than .xls and .csv is allowed.
  • Attached file cannot exceed 5 MB.

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The tool contains full management assets to run an office work with employees and with the clients as well, managing sources online. With full support through tickets, satisfy clients’ issues to transforming them into payable invoice leading business, Teamleader is good to have.

For more details, please visit Teamleader website.

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