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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best Marketing Tools Product Review- Crewfire

Marketing-Tools-Product-Review-CrewfireWith evolving technology, the way we get connected socially has changed. We have started relying upon various apps whether it is a web app or a mobile app for being social and retain our social presence. Our social range has broadened, approaching globally. Social networking sites made it easy for some people to build networks while making it hard to keeping them in touch. If you want to say something, you need to collect attention first of your target audience. Whereas doing business over social media gives a huge pain. Moreover, when you try to market or promote your products or services, it seems terrible! Crewfire which is one of the best marketing tool for small business is a web based tool that helps you in running a marketing campaign for your business on Facebook and Twitter. The tool can be configured to meet startups and small business needs.

If you have so many supporters or fans that you can achieve some popularity among your target audience, you should ask fans to share your content to their connections. The tool does the same thing with so ease that your fans have to click one button only and you get the full-fledged brand popularity.

Editions and Pricing

Crewfire offers two editions- Basic and Premium. The pricing model is scalable and depends on the number of fans. It starts from 20 fans for which Basic edition costs $74 per month and Premium edition costs $112 per month. You can scale pricing for up to 250 fans, while you need to contact vendors for more than 250 fans. The editions provide all the basic feature along with Email support. The group feature is available only for the Premium edition users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool provides recruitment facility that gives you a URL to send to your supporters to get the sign up form. You can build as many fans as you have.


The team tab shows you the supporters with their details, account information and hashtags they use. While on the supporter side the tool represents it as ranking.


product_review_crewfire_new_blastNew Blast
The best thing about the tool is that it is so easy to post and begin the campaign in just a few clicks. You can add expiration date as well.




The tool lets you create campaigns on supporter side. Fans see the content and as they like and share, your content will appear on their timeline.



With ‘reports’ feature, you can keep a track of active fans and their ranking. It lets you know their interactions with your content, such as pushes, comments, likes, share and reach.


Mobile Accessibility

The mobile apps are not available, but the tool is accessible via mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with Facebook and Twitter.


The tool provides support via FAQs and guide. You can choose the topic on which you want to get support.

Pros and Cons of Crewfire


  • User friendly interface.
  • Insightful reports facility.
  • Followers’ signup form is one of the stand out features.


  • Costly for those startups who are just beginners and don’t have many followers.
  • Chat support is missing.

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Crewfire differentiates itself by many features. The tool provides facilities like URL for supporters sign up form and expiry date by which your blast post cannot be shared. The reports and ranking options are quite insightful. You can track your followers’ activities without flipping several webpages. The tool is great for small and medium businesses to gain popularity across Facebook and Twitter.

For more details, please visit: Crewfire website.

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