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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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What Morgan Linton learned in 6 months as a Founder?

What-Morgan-Linton-learned-in-6-months-as-a-FounderJourney to a new business brings in new life for an entrepreneur. Leaving behind the traditional way of living, they have chosen this path only to expect the unexpected and transforming it into reality. While for everyone involved in business this journey is different, however learning is a thing that remains common for all.

An entrepreneur couple, Morgan Linton and his wife quit their jobs to start a venture in 2012. It was that time, which taught them about this new phase. They experienced some critical things during the first six months of their startup. Below are the learnings, shared by Morgan:


Friendship with Future

In business, all you focus about is the future. Many thoughts clash regarding how a particular trend can affect the business in 2 months, two years or ahead. One starts living in the future. Morgan started reading more than ever to understand the future business time and opportunities.

Business has no Time, no Hours

The people behind the idea dedicate themselves so in the work that they do not confine themselves within a time slot. For them, it is their life rather than work. It becomes the habit not to stare at the clock to get off the desk because every hour is a business time for startup people.

Startups have Dissimilarities

Every startup differs from another in one or other way. Also, no single idea can impact two startups similarly; for one it can work, while for other the results can be hurting. The founding teams are responsible for producing such dissimilarities. Each business has own staff, own team, and own rules that form the culture of a firm leading to success or failure.

It is hard to get a Good Lawyer

Since running a company that deals with other brands in various regions, the need of counsel occurs often. However, it not as simple as it seems; hiring a lawyer can overweigh the benefits. A lawyer should identify the startup and its culture and accordingly contribute his knowledge to the firm.

Right Advisors Help

The startup makes a person open for knowledge expansion. The journey always lets a person explore new paths and milestones. Good advisors play a significant role helping you going through those paths. Therefore, support of reliable advisors is vital to reach the targeted heights in the business.

You Tend to Worry About Each Involved Thing

The startup is something that demands all your attention and remains like this until it is alive. It is a passionate ride that makes you include so much that you start caring about each issue, be it a small or a bigger one. You feel connected with it very much as you are giving all yours to make it a success.

The Bottom Line

The entrepreneurship is a great responsibility, which runs parallel to a life you are living to fulfill your dreams. The learnings it presents is all that is going to move you forward. As Peter Drucker said, “Entrepreneurship is neither science nor an art. It is a practice.”

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