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Monday , June 24 2024

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Skrilo Engaging Customers Intelligently

Skrilo-Engaging-Customers-IntelligentlySkrilo is a mobile marketing platform which started its journey from Gurgaon. With constant team efforts, it eventually touched a mark of $1.5 million.

This angel funding was from the clutch investors, Anuj Shrivastava (ex- Google, CEO, and Co- Founder, Livespace) and Arvind Tiku (Founder and Group Chairman, AT Capital Group) among others. Skrilo was initiated in the year 2015 with a presence in Southeast Asia.

The company aims to grow and go global with its offering in the next coming 2 to 3 years. Skrilo was founded by Manish Sinha, who previously co-founded and co-managed Singapore-based hedge fund Amoeba Capital, and Gaurav Singh, who has over 12 years of experience in the software industry and is a skilled programmer.

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Challenges they faced

Although this area of marketing has other players too. Also, some other players have been working in this field. Some of them are Groupon, CouponDuniya, CouponRani, CouponCanny, Buy1Get1 and Chaskaro. There have been many entrants in this area, but there have been no dominants presently. No significant player have made it to the top until now, this fact not only leaves the top position vacant but also raises doubt that precisely what will capture people’s attention.

Nevertheless, this business concept is expected to eventually gain traction as e-commerce website always wants to achieve sustainability. They always look forward to customer magnets that can pull in more people to do business.

All about Skrilo

Skrilo is a mobile marketing platform based on hyper-local marketing and big data analytics. Skrilo helps corporates, business, and brands to initiate engagement with the end customers and connect with them in a targeted manner. The customers, during this engagement, get incentives from a portfolio of reward options.

The founder of Skrilo states that smartphone usage will rise from 200 Mn to 650 Mn in the next three to four years. Also, they say that digital advertising is at its initial stage and mobile marketing is still the beginning. Mobile marketing is still in its intrusive stage, and people think it is an unlikely marketing solution.

The Bottom Line

Skrilo connects with its customers in an intelligent manner. This product aims to helps e-commerce business achieve sustainability and growth with time. Although there are many similar platforms, the Skrilo team is making efforts to reach high. They wish to spread their wings across other nations as well.

The team is planning to use the money they made to market its rewards programs and develop new products. They are also looking forward to enhancing their technology and growing their business.

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