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Monday , June 24 2024

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How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Apps

how-small-businesses-can-benefit-from-mobile-appsStaying competitive these days has become one of the primary goals of any business. And for the same, many companies are aligning their business to the trending market. Adding to this, it has become necessary for many businesses to keep in touch with their customers and intended prospects. One of the methods to stay connected with the customers is to go mobile.

It does not only mean to make the website mobile friendly. Although it is also important to go for it. The essence is to connect with customers when they are on the go. Here are some of the Mobile apps that can help small and mid -sized businesses to flourish.



Location specific and time sensitive messages are trending these days. Small and Medium Business are now sharing text SMS’s to the prospects and customers tracking their geo-locations. Thanks to the technology, business are now sending location-specific messages to its clients. Businesses are filtering loyal clients and then sharing them text messages when they are nearby the business location. They have shared details about special offers or sale built in just for them, making them feel special. This can make them purchase a product or two.

Customer Loyalty Program

Building a mobile app that is meant for customer loyalty program can be one of the best approaches. As a small and medium business, you can create dedicated business mobile apps for loyalty rewards program. Customers who download these apps get to access special deals and discounts. The mobile app can also be designed to observe what deals attract the clients. Deals and sales offers aligned to meet the customer’s requirements the most will make them happy, and this will eventually help boost the business.

Mobile Scheduling and Reminders

A mobile app that directly connects customers to business can make quick business as compared to that which is not. It is best to design a mobile app that registers customers to your business. And it will work well if you are a service industry such as saloon or an exercise studio. Enable customers to make direct appointments and confirm them. These can be further confirmed, and reminders can be sent via the mobile app.

Mobile Payments

Online transactions have made the process of money transfer a lot easier. Square is one of such players that are ruling the world of mobile payment. Square allows small businesses to Swipe Credit Cards and while you are on the go.

Mobile Customer Service

To meet the reputation of an excellent customer service, business has to offer a satisfactory communication in as soon as four hours of customer’s request. Using mobile apps is one of the best to achieve this. Many businesses are using Zendesk for this work. This application generates support tickets and helps clients to create customer requests 24*7.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating sales and CRM mobile app can make things easier for you. You get to access customer’s information and previous purchase logs. This approach also saves a lot of time and money and ultimately boosts customer satisfaction and business growth.

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