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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Organise Your Business with the Top Calendar Apps

Being unorganised is one of the top reasons for an efficiency drop in a business. Businesses are always hoping to achieve new solutions to improve employee efficiency. Introducing calendar apps can provide a massive boost to overall organisational productivity and efficiency. Calendar apps reduce the unnecessary need for constant reminders and provide the much-needed balance to personal and professional commitments. As it is clear that calendar apps are necessary for improving your overall work schedule, the question remains that which app should you choose. The current market is saturated with a plethora of mediocre apps, with good apps increasingly becoming a rarity. Hence, we have compiled a list of the top 17 calendar apps for you to choose from.

  1. Google Calendar App

Google has long established itself as a market giant. With a simplified approach to ease your organisational woes, Google has delivered yet again. The app is very easy to access if you have a Gmail account. It allows the user to create calendar entries, make diary entries, and can sync across devices. The app also syncs with Google Tasks, allowing better tracking of all your to-do lists events. It is available on all PCs, Macs, Android, and iPhone devices. Or you can access it from any browser. The app is free for personal use with limited features. However, a business version with more features can be claimed at $6-$18 based on the number of users.

  1. is the one-stop to get it all. It can help you improve your efficiency by optimising scheduling. The app allows the user to pre-select available times and avoids double-booking. It also uses AI and machine learning to improve customer experience continually. Connection with Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365 is also available. The app is compatible with PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS. It is free for one calendar and charges a fee of $6-8 for additional users and/or calendars.

  1. Asana

Another industry favourite, Asana, is a great choice if you want to organise your tasks or improve your overall productivity. Though it doesn’t allow scheduling meetings, it makes up for it by offering customisation options to increase integration. Asana can sync with Gmail and automatically add tasks and to-do lists to your calendar. It can be accessed through any browser and is available on iOS and Android. However, the free version is available for only one user, and an additional cost of $10-13 is demanded for extra features and users.

  1. iCloud

Apple doesn’t leave its customers hanging. iCloud is the calendar app solution from the tech giant for all its users. It is one of the easiest calendar solutions available for Apple users. It has all the functions of a traditional calendar app but can also sync with all other Apple devices such as iPad, Apple Watch, Macs, iPhones, etc. It can also provide notifications on all the connected devices. In addition, users can view their schedules with multiple views and enjoy a fluid and easy to navigate user interface.

  1. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft users are implored to continue with the Outlook Calendar. The Outlook Calendar app is the best choice to sustain continuity and uniformity for all Microsoft users. It’s easy to use, offers great reliability, apt organisational features, and much more. However, a possible reason to look for other options could be Outlook Calendar’s lack of to-do lists and basic scheduling features. The app is very platform friendly, with complete support on all Microsoft, iOS, and Android devices. The basic version is available for free with Office 365 accounts, and attractive discounts are available for students. Pricing for business users varies greatly depending on their requirements.

  1. Business Calendar

As the name suggests, Business Calendar is considered a respectable addition to any business organisation. It exhibits features allowing easy viewing of events, scheduler, and syncs with major calendars. It provides smooth integration with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Office 365. It also provides meeting and schedule reminders. The platform exclusivity given to Android users is the only major drawback of this app. The app follows a freemium based payment formula with premium features unlocked after a small upfront payment.

  1. aCalendar

aCalendar is a great exclusive app for Android users. It offers widgets, integration with Google Calendar, and streamlined schedule viewing. However, the app doesn’t provide support for any scheduling or productivity tools. The pricing system is similar to that of Business Calendar – a freemium based service with additional purchase options.

  1. DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal is another Android favourite with over 5 million downloads. The reason for its undying popularity is the colour-coded organisation provided by the app. In addition, it can sync with other apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Office 365 to improve customer satisfaction and user experience. DigiCal also includes a scheduling tool that streamlines collaboration. The app is free to download and use with premium features requiring payment.

  1. Apple Calendar

While iCloud is a calendar solution provided by Apple, it can be accessed by other devices as well. Apple Calendar, on the other hand, is an Apple device exclusive product. Therefore, it can be installed only through Apple’s App Store on iPad, Apple Watch, Macs, and iPhone. Due to platform exclusivity, the app interface is highly simplified and very easy to keep track of. In addition, it is free of cost for all Apple users.

  1. Lighting Calendar by Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a new email solutions company aiming for the top. Their latest calendar app, the Lighting Calendar, is free to use with the Thunderbird email. It provides seamless integration with the email app and can manage multiple calendars, manage tasks, and to-do lists all from one place. The interface is also highly simplified. However, the compatibility can be an issue, with the email integration being a necessity for using the app.

  1. CloudCal

CloudCal is the only productivity app available on the market that allows synchronization of all your calendars in one monthly view. In addition, it allows an instant overview of the user’s availability. The magic circle is a nifty feature that simplifies overview. It also integrates with Evernote for higher productivity. The app is available on desktops and android devices with a highly efficient free version that can be upgraded to include premium paid features.

  1. SavvyCal

SavvyCal’s developers were very savvy when they understood the need to include customization options when managing events. It offers easy ways to manage a schedule, the ability to adjust availability, and can easily integrate and sync with other calendars. It is the ideal choice for event managers and people who want management to be a simpler process. It is available on both the iOS and the android app stores. The app offers a 7-day free trial period followed by a charge of $12-20 for additional features and continued use.

  1. Fantastical

As the name suggests, Fantastical is a fantastic choice to increase productivity and improve time management. The app garners large popularity in the business world for its beautiful user interface and powerful features. These features include multiple views, scheduling tools, and collaboration methods. It is another all-in-one solution for your calendar needs. It is also platform friendly with compatibility with both iOS and Android. It provides a 14-day trial period with subsequent charges of $3-5 per month.

  1. Timepage

Timepage is a third-party Apple-exclusive productivity solution. It allows easy navigation and a user-friendly interface. Timepage includes many features such as calendar views, weather reports and maps out busy times for easier scheduling of events. It is iOS exclusive, with the basic version being free to use and premium features requiring an upfront payment.

  1. Business Calendar 2

With an upgraded interface and boosted developer support, Business Calendar 2 is the ultimate solution for all your productivity woes. It offers extra features such as calendar management and multiple viewings. Other calendars can also be integrated into the main calendar. It has a nifty addition of a quick widget that notifies you on upcoming meets and provides at-a-glance information. The app is Android exclusive like its predecessor and follows a similar pricing system.


A platform-friendly app allows the organization of tasks, lists, and calendars in one place, focusing on students and business owners. also has progress bars that track your productivity and helps you always stay on top of your tasks. The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktop as well. The basic version is free to use, while the premium version requires a payment of $2-7 every month.


  1. Fantastical 2

Fantastical is another upgraded app of a previously great productivity solution. This one is an exclusive iOS app that can help you manage your life from schedules to tasks. You can also use natural language to create repeating events and alerts. It also supports additional languages. The app follows a similar pricing pattern to that of the first Fantastical and is exclusive for iPhone users.


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