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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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10 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses to Rock Their Website!

10-Web-Design-Tips-for-Small-Businesses-to-Rock-Their-Website!A website is a basic requirement for any business in the current technological world. The website can attract a lot of customers. However, it only happens when the client finds your website attractive, simple to understand, and easy to navigate. The following few tips can help you in your journey.

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Web Layout and Style Guide

Creating an own style is always preferred. However, do not forget to stick to style guides. These style guides help you to maintain a consistent style throughout the site. Start the design layout on paper or off screen to be clear about the design. You can note down the ideas before you begin planning.

Include Keywords

The websites should easily target you for the search results. But, it can only happen when the right keywords are inserted in your site. Wrap the keywords naturally in your site content as well as add them in the tag title and meta-description.


The website should provide plenty of information about you. It should provide both contact details and business information. Relevant contact information such as email, physical address, and phone number will be useful for the customers. They can easily contact you in the case of any query. The business information should clearly state your purpose with the pricing structure.


Visuals provide an advantage of the attractive looking site. The photos and videos should be high quality to deliver the message clearly. Giving a professional touch to your visuals can add to your visual quality.

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The navigation tabs throughout any website should be consistent. Never be afraid of the negative spaces on your site. Whitespaces and simple looks allow the users to locate the content quickly. The following tips for navigation could help you provide a better user interface.

  • Primary navigation should live below eight tabs.
  • Each key link information should contain a header and footer.
  • Size, font, and style of the elements should be consistent throughout the site.


The site should not take much time to load or else the users will find it irritating. You can load your website faster by limiting the number of videos, widgets, and social sharing buttons.

Mobile Supported

Going mobile is the current trend, so focus on creating a mobile-friendly design. The usage of mobile increases regularly and thus ensure that your website is mobile supported and easily to use even on mobile devices.

Social Media Connection

Connecting your customers on social media provides a lot of advantage. It acts as a great platform to spread a word about your services and products. Connect most important social network such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.


It is best to rule out the sidebars from your website. The sidebars which promote content should be phased out as the user experience gets after. Also, remove sliders if they fail to ease user experience. Sliders can distractions the users, and hence it is recommended to remove it.

Material Design

Google’s real design is the best guide you can use to improve your website. It includes frameworks which suggest elements and styles needed for a good website design.

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