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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Best Virtual Reality Toys (And Tools) Out There

Technology undoubtedly changed the way we visualize things. Virtual reality was an entirely new concept that emerged into the technical world recently. Here we are going to discuss some of the amazing gadgets that will take you to the world of virtual reality.

Google Cardboard

This is an easy and in-budget way to get into the world of Virtual Reality. The gadget is just a dock for a smartphone that easily strap to your face. For this, you must have the Google cardboard app installed in your smartphone. This app will allow your phone to watch 360 videos, you can also enjoy some amazing and engaging games.

Samsung Gear VR

The step to the Google cardboard is Samsung Gear VR. Similar to the cardboard, it works with your phone (especially it works best with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7). The optics in this gadget are better that Google cardboard. Other than Google Cardboard, that is made up of cardboard, this is made up of recycled paper and a little more comfortable to wear. This gadget also have access to Oculus Home- which is a wider array of virtual reality applications and tools.

Oculus Rift

This gadget is undoubtedly more expensive than the Google Cardboard. But you get a lot of value in this than Google Cardboard. The Oculus Rift is loaded with HMD features and optics that offers much higher quality. This feature is also capable of detecting your position in space. This means, when you move your head forward in reality, you will move forward in the Virtual Reality. It is also by far the most comfortable and easiest devise to wear for long periods.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is just like the Rift but is used with a computer. Unlike all the other gadgets, it delivers the “room-scale” experience. This means, unlike the above two headsets, you aren’t supposed to sit in a chair. Instead this gadget offers a level up fun that you had with the above headsets. For this, all you need to do is, install the lighthouse sensors across the two corners of the room. You can get up from your chair and walk around. The most exiting part is, other than the rest, in this case you can extend your arm and see how it acts in the VR world.

Sony PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation is designed to use with PlayStation 4- the Sony’s video game console. This headset also uses advanced optics, has similar head tracking technology and is highly comfortable to wear for long time.

 The Google Tile Brush

This is technology that will allow you to paint right from the light. Not only flat paintings, this technology will help you create three dimensional drawings very easily. The Tilt Brush interface has a wonderful design. Here one controller functions with the brush, while the other works as a pallet.

SoundStage VR

This amazing gadget brings every bit of electronic sound-making equipment to your fingertips. This gadget is a treat to all the musician who are passionate about creating some amazing musicians giving them an extra level of comfort and easy to make music at their own fingertips. Not only for the professional musicians, anyone can have fun with this gadget.

Virtual Desktop

You must try Virtual desktop if have an HMD. This gadget mirrors your computer monitor in the virtual space. This means, when you put your headset on, you will be sitting in front of a huge version of your desktop screen.

Space Pirate Trainer

This is one fun game which can make your day. This fun toll uses an incredibly basic concept- shoot at the robots that fly to you and dodge the lasers they shoot to you. Its brilliant designs, interface and engagement gives a super gaming experience.

The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

This is a fantasy adventure game. This is a series distributed in episodes, which takes you to an adventure ride while you search your sister. The game makes you explore a lot and interact with a number of objects giving a closer look. This game is inspired by the popular dark 80s fantasy films.

Gamer or not, one must at least once take a ride and go for n experience for a Virtual reality gadget. These high definition gadgets will take you a complete new world full of fantasy. Not only for gaming purposes, these companies are also making efforts to come up with their commercial use that can be beneficial for research and development.

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